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Colorado Guy Festival Guests "In Awe" Of Cabin Living Quarters!

Recliner, Shower Curtains, Food Stash and Overall Ambiance Impresses Guests - September 2, 2006

SOUTHERN CHAFFEE COUNTY, CO -- Thanks to the delightful cabin amenities at the headquarters of the 2006 Colorado Guy Festival, many were reportedly "in awe" upon first arriving at the mountain getaway.

Nick Hughes from Great Britain was in awe over the furniture and interior decorating, and was in particularly enthused with the recliner in the sun room.

"It reclines, it rocks and spins around." stated Nick, "This is a 'festival' in the truest sense!"

Sarah expressed joy over the well-decorated bathroom and shower curtains, and even posed for the camera.

"I really like these colors. I have never seen such a pretty bathroom!" shouted Sarah, the current Hair Consultant and top encourager for Steve with growing his hair really long.

Steve was impressed with the large "food stash" and plentiful collection of clean dishes.

"If I lived here permanently, I wouldn't need to wash any dishes for a good month before running out of clean ones!" exclaimed Steve. "And look at all this food! I can't believe it!" he added.

The Colorado Guy Festival is an annual gathering where many of the "regulars" on the discussion forums meet with Steve for some fun, friendship and adventure. Visitors from Great Britain, Idaho, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Maryland and other Colorado areas will be in attendance. Last year's gathering transpired in northwest Arkansas (2005) and Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs was the site for 2004.

People are expected to attend a barbeque on Sunday afternoon, and road trips are being planned to Rocky Mountain National Park, Ouray and the San Juan Mountains, Indepedence Pass and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

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Nick Hughes Nick Hughes Nick was definitely in awe of how beautiful this Colorado getaway cabin was. ;)
Sarah Is this a great shot of Sarah or what? :)
Steve I don't think I've ever seen that many clean dishes in my life!
Steve And the food!
Kansas Kelly Kansas Kelly really liked the tea pot she received as a gift!

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