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Staten Island Ferry

Photos Of New York City's Skyline And Landmarks From The Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry August 31, 2008 - After visiting the highest natural point in Manhattan, we rode on the Staten Island Ferry. This is a boat that takes people from downtown Manhattan to Staten Island on a 20-25 minute boat ride.

Ah the memories of the Staten Island Ferry! I had not been on this ferry since the early 1990's (1991?) when I frequently rode the ferry as a (quite often drunken) college student at Wagner College. I spent a lot of time doing whatever I did in lower Manhattan back then. Also, when my Dad was a child and lived in the Bronx, he and his parents would ride the ferry about once per month to visit his maternal grandparents on Staten Island. Back then (in the 1950's), cars were transported on the ferry along with pedestrians.

Sometime between my last ferry ride and today, much renovation has been done at each port. A modest fare of a dollar with turnstyles was eliminated, making the boat ride entirely free for the public. Enjoy my photos. I think I captured nice shots of the major New York City landmarks to be seen.


Staten Island Ferry The Staten Island Ferry! You can't miss it on the southernmost tip of Manhattan next to Battery Park.
Staten Island Ferry Crowd Staten Island Ferry Crowd During normal work days, many in Staten Island use the ferry to commute to points in Manhattan. However on weekends and peak tourist seasons (like today), I think most of the folks riding the ferry were visitors.

Look at all the people! I did my best to capture much of the huge crowd (left photo) as we waited. I am certain there were more people on that boat than there are in my small town of Buena Vista with one traffic light. We quickly entered the boat and stood on the upper deck on the back of the boat. We had this view of large masses of people coming on! Generally speaking, I really like people and thrive as an extroverted type, but I am not used to huge crowds like this anymore! <:p)

Staten Island Ferry Leaving the port.
New York City

New York City
Two photos of the skyline of lower Manhattan. In that bottom photo, the World Trade Center stood tall on the left.
Staten Island Ferry

New York Sailboat

Cruise Boat

Circle Line

Lots of boats out there including another ferry boat, a classic sailboat, a cruise line and a Circle Line boat. The Circle Line probably has numerous touring routes, but I distinctly remember riding on that in the early 1980s when it circled the island of Manhattan.

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    Staten Island Ferry Arriving at the docks in Staten Island.
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