Stanton County, KS High Point (alt. 3,692 feet)

Photos Of My Visit; Far Western Kansas Plains Near Colorado / Kansas State Line

Kansas isn't known for mountains, scenery or jaw-dropping landscapes, but the Great Plains of western Kansas has a beauty unto its own. Wide open spaces and grassy fields that go on forever are core descriptors of the plains. Oh and wind ... let's not forget about the Kansas wind!

Today's excursion was a visit to the highest natural point in Stanton County in southwest Kansas. This spot is located near Saunders, Kansas, an unincorporated area with tall grain elevators and railroad tracks. Below are 19 photos of this beautiful region.

Directions: On the state line on the west edge of Saunders, KS, travel south on State Line Road 0.5 miles to County Road 20. Travel 1.5 miles east on County Road 20 and make a right (south) on County Road Y. Travel approximately one mile south on County Road Y and the knoll on the right constitutes the high point. I parked my car and hiked approximately 200 yards to the large flat knoll.


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Kansas Highway 160

May 9, 2010 - My adventure began in Johnson, Kansas, the county seat of Stanton County. I traveled west on State Highway 160 through Manter to the state line.

Kansas Plains

Kansas Plains

The scenery on each side of the road is very Kansas-like. Not much to look at!

My knowledge of farming isn't the greatest, but friends informed me the short green grass comprises of wheat fields in its early stage of growing. Wheat, sunflowers and milo are common crops on farms in western Kansas.

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  • Kansas Plains A nice view of the road as I traveled west.
    Saunders, KS

    Saunders, Kansas

    Saunders, Kansas

    There is something endearing about Saunders, Kansas. With the exception of the farm-related buildings, no homes or residences exist. It isn't even an incorporated town. As far as I noticed, there were no remnants of old homesteads or barns that indicated this was once inhabited with residents. If I learn more, I will certainly update this page with the town's history.

    In the meantime, adjacent are two photos. :)

    An array of signs at the state line.
    Kansas Dirt Road Traveling south on State Line Road.
    Saunders, KS As I traveled east on County Road 20, this was the view of the grain elevators in Saunders. I thought it was a pretty picture. I know this sounds crazy, but those structures remind me of the skyline of a city like New York! :)
    Kansas Dirt Road

    Stanton County, KS High Point

    As stated above, I drove approximately one mile south on County Road Y.

    Near the one mile mark, a sloped hill is situated on the right. According to previous trip reports and my altimeter, this is the high point of Stanton County, Kansas!

    Kansas Plains

    Kansas Plains

    Prickly Pear Cactus

    I parked my car at the crest of the road, and walked onto the grassy knoll. The land was lush with various grasses, yucca plants and small yellow flowering plants. I spotted hardy prickly pear cactus here and there too.

    It was not obvious where the exact high point was on the hill, and so I walked all over.

    Stanton County, KS High Point
    High Point - Stanton County, Kansas

    One photo of me. My altimeter read 3,692 feet. By the way, that crazy Kansas wind was so strong that this was the only photo where my hair wasn't flying horizontally across my face.

    Kansas Plains

    Kansas Plains

    Kansas Plains

    Three photos of the Kansas plains from the high point.

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    From the high point, the view of the grain elevators in Saunders.

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