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St. Elmo, Colorado

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St. Elmo, Colorado
With Cottonwood Pass and Independence Pass closed, I have done the relaxed drive to the well-preserved ghost town of St. Elmo often. To get there, head west from Nathrop on Chaffee County Road 162 into Chalk Creek Canyon. Do note that almost all of the buildings are on private property and there are no services.
St. Elmo, Colorado There are many original buildings in St. Elmo, a once-bustling mining town of 1,000 residents. This is the Ennis House, built in 1885.
St. Elmo, Colorado A nice mountain view.
St. Elmo, Colorado The "main drag" in St. Elmo.
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    St. Elmo, Colorado The Pawnee Mill Blacksmith Shop, built in 1892.
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  • St. Elmo, Colorado A nice view from a hill. St. Elmo, I'm told, currently has four year-round residents and I saw one other person, a snowmobiler.
    Steve A shot of me. It was so cold during my visit, and it shows on my face, doesn't it? :o)

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