Spring Snowfall In Colorado

My Photos of Snow And Scenery During a Spring Snowstorm In Chaffee County, CO

May 7, 2012 Photos
Spring Snow
Above: Me standing in the snow in the San Isabel National Forest, approximately six miles west of Buena Vista, Colorado.

"When it snows in Colorado, all the people are happy and erupt in song and joyful celebration."

Isn't that pro-snow quotation true? Snow is amazing and wonderful anytime in Colorado, and it's especially welcome during the spring. Today, most of the mountainous regions of central Colorado received snowfall throughout the day. By the late afternoon, I had to sneak out of work to capture some photos of the snowy scenery and make a video. I hope you enjoy this page!

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. My links: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Spring Snow

Spring Snow Photos

This is the view from my backyard. It was the first picture I snapped -- one that I posted on Twitter and Facebook to friends. Apparently this snowstrom only hit northern and central Colorado, as my friends on the Front Range were shocked to this snow shot.
Horses In Snow My neighbor's beautiful horses with snow coming down.
Traveling west on Chaffee County Road 306 (toward Cottonwood Pass), the snowfall intensified.
Photographing snow and snow scenes can be tricky. I swear, when I pulled over and gazed at those trees, with the naked eye it was so pretty. But looking at my photo, it doesn't look very striking. Oh well.
Snow Clump

Spring Snow Colorado

I wandered in the forest and got a couple of shots of large clumps of snow weighing down on pine tree branches.

Snow On Trees Steel gray sky and pine trees highlighted with snow.
Driving along and taking in the beautiful snowy scenery. I know I sound like a Colorado tourism official, but nothing beats living in Colorado! :)
Mountain A mountain on the south side of the canyon. Very pretty.


Walking in the forest and enjoying the wonderful snow.

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