South Franklin Mountain (Elevation 6791 Feet) - El Paso, Texas

An Enjoyable Hike in El Paso, Texas
South Franklin Mountain is one of many peaks in the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, Texas. To hike to the summit, the most common route is the Ron Coleman Trail, which is accessed from the trailhead at Smugglers Pass on Transmountain Road. (This is inside Franklin Mountains State Park; there is a $5 self-pay-by-envelope fee.) I'm not sure of the distance one way -- my guess would be 1.5 miles -- but the elevation gain is 1500 feet. The big plus for this trail is the scenery; there's not a boring section on this hike.

South Franklin Mountain, Texas
The stunning view of South Franklin Mountain from N. Desert Boulevard in El Paso.
North Franklin Mountain, Texas
If you get high enough, you'll have this grand view of North Franklin Mountain. So pretty!

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Rob Coleman Trail


February 17, 2014 - My hike began on the Ron Coleman Trail. It travels gently upward into the canyon.
Ron Coleman Trail, Texas The South Franklin Mountain summit comes into view.
Franklin Mountains State Park, TX

Soon the trail ascends the west side of the canyon wall. The mountain view across the highway gets better and better with every step up in elevation.

There are plenty of yuccas in the area. I snapped photos of them and made this video tribute. :)

This is part of my "Not Too Shabby" video series. Have you seen it?
Franklin Mountain State Park Overlook The trail ascends to the east side of the mountain range. In the distance, I could see the overlook for cars on Transmountain Road. It felt good to be much higher than them!
Continuing toward the summit, which is on the left in this picture.
South Franklin Mountain Hike The trail comes close to a rock wall on the right.
Here's the view toward the southwest. Roughly, the top 1/3 of the photo is Mexico.
Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas It's a grueling and steep hike. The trail comes around to give you a full view of the canyon and North Franklin Mountain afar.

Summit of South Franklin Mountain


Steve Garufi

There are ugly towers at the top, which made my summit experience below par. Still, this was a great hike and well-worth it.

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  • South Franklin Mountain, TX The view of El Paso to the west.
    South Franklin Mountain, TX The streets and neighborhoods on the east side of the city.
    One more view toward the southwest. Included is Mexico, New Mexico and Texas. The small mountain on the right is Sierra De Cristo Rey in New Mexico.


    Beautiful scenery and hiking the trail.

    The views at the overlook.

    Way up on the trail.

    Enjoying the summit.

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