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Lunch at a Sonic Drive-In - Salida, Colorado

My British Friends Enjoying American Food
Here's a photo of Laura and Nick, my British friends who were visiting Colorado. They said they were enjoying "typical American food." For instance, on their first day, they ate a corn dog. Then, at Rocky Mountain National Park, they feasted on their very first chili dog. Now, as we had lunch at the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant in Salida, they happily chomped away on their burgers and fries.

Sonic Drive-In Food
Laura and Nick joyfully hold up their burgers. It's the simple things in life. :)

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Sonic Restaurant Sign


September 2006 - Before playing miniature golf, we opted for lunch at the Sonic.
Sonic Drive-In Kansas Kelly makes an order as Nick happily looks on.

By the way, three years earlier, Nick visited Colorado on his own and engaged in the first-ever recorded extreme ironing event on Pikes Peak!

Sonic Drive-In Nick and Laura's loved the novelty placing their order by into the speaker.
Sonic Nick eats an onion ring as his wife looks on.
Sonic Drive-In Scott sips on his drink with some pizzazz! :)
Steve Eating Me biting into a breakfast bistro sandwich.
Sonic Onion Rings Rhonda holds up her onion rings.
Friends at Sonic Oh yes, there was joy to be found with all of us at Sonic.
Sonic Patrons Kelly did not like her bubble gum flavored slush drink. So Nick and I sipped most of it. I liked it a lot! :)

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