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Snowshoeing at Independence Pass

Enjoy Colorado snow and scenery on snowshoes ...
Wherever there is snow in Colorado, there's a good chance that snowshoeing or cross-country skiing is an option. On this first day of June 2007, I went to Independence Pass (elev. 12095 ft.) on the Continental Divide, where there was still plenty of snow. Think. Snow. Always.

My snowshoes and poles (rented at The Trailhead in Buena Vista) and backpack.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Independence Pass, CO


June 1, 2007 - The Independence Pass sign. There was plenty of snow remaining up there.
Snow Scene Mountains that surround Mountain Boy Gulch.
Steve Garufi and Snow No, I did not look stylish, but it was really fun to be on snowshoes!
Snow I met many skiers there, and a guy told me this is named Heart Attack Hill.

It's a gentle slope southwest of the pass that leads to Snowdrift Ridge. The guys with skis out there gives perspective.

Snow and Mountains
Snowy Colorado
Colorado Mountains
Photos of snow and mountains at the top of the hill.
Snowdrift Ridge At first, I considered hiking to the top of the ridge, but the lack of snow in many parts turned me off. I didn't want to remove my snowshoes and I wasn't crazy about hiking so close to the snow cornices.

Instead, I hiked around the pass and got a good 90-minute workout in. It was my first time snowshoeing and I just wanted to have fun.

Snowy Colorado
Colorado Rocky Mountains
Four photos. Colorado mountains are amazing.

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  • Skiers
    There were many skiers.

    I met Steve from Minnesota (second photo), who was on a mission to ski in every month of the Year 2007. Obviously, him coming to Colorado was a wise option during the summer months. Steve asked me to photograph him skiing; he displays his photos online for proof. :)

    Snowy Trail The trail that leads to the overlook.

    Just walk on the snow and hope you don't sink!

    Road Switchback

    Independence Pass Road

    TOP: Looking down at a switchback on Highway 82.

    SECOND: On the Lake County side of the pass, this is a common spot for skiers and snowboarders coming down to meet and get a ride back up. I gave a hitchiking skier a ride last week and I credit that anonymous gentleman for motivating me to get active in the snow.

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