A Christmas Tree Cutting Expedition In Colorado

The Naegele Family Cut Two Trees In The Snowy Forest For The Holidays - December 13, 2009

The Quest To Cut A Christmas Tree

A Snowy Wonderland!
Snowy Colorado Sunday

Special thanks to the Naegele Family for getting me out of the house on a very snowy Sunday to join them in their Christmas tree cutting adventure. I grew up in a home that had a fake tree every year - not that it was a bad thing at all - but I admit it was very fun wandering in the forest in search of the perfect tree.

Do watch the 7+ minute video. If you watch the entire thing, you definitely deserve some kind of medal. Also if you love snow, you must watch this to enjoy the visible snowfall at various points. :)

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Snowy Dirt Road We have had an extremely snowy "snow season" (October through May) and today was a good example. Here's a photo taken from the passenger seat as we drove on an isolated dirt road in Chaffee County.


Two snow scenes inside the forest.

A few pages of the snow in late 2009:

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  • Snowfall (December 6)
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  • Cottonwood Pass (October 25)
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  • Snow in Leadville, CO (September 30)
  • Snowball Fight I put much of my effort into capturing video footage, but I manage a few photos. My friends having a snowball fight! :)
    Sarah and Morgan, sisters.
    A group photo as we stood in the wonderful snow! :)
    Snowy Highway The snow continued all afternoon and evening. U.S. Highway 285 near Johnson Village (adjacent photo) did not look very hospitable.

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