April Snowstorm - Vail Pass, Fremont Pass, Summit County, Lake County

*THINK SNOW ALWAYS!* Everyday is a great day for snowfall ...
April 5, 2014 - I made a day trip from Buena Vista to Fruita (to pick up furniture, including my beloved red couch), and through the high country, I snapped photos of the snow and mountain scenery. On the way back, as I drove from Vail Pass all the way to Leadville, it was snowing in copious amounts. Oh yes, winter is alive and well in the Colorado Rocky Mountains! It may be April, but there are plenty of winter activity opportunities that remain, such as snowshoeing, skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding and more. Get out there and enjoy the snow! :)

Driving In Snow
The most intense section of snowfall on Highway 91 in Summit County, as I climbed toward Fremont Pass.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Mt. Massive, CO

Mountains in Leadville, CO


As I traveled on Highway 24 toward Leadville, I started to take pictures.

TOP: Mount Massive to the west.
SECOND: Mountains in the Mosquito Range.

Arkansas River Headwaters

Arkansas River Headwaters

Arkansas River Headwaters

Anytime I see the Arkansas River, I think about my wonderful friends all over the great state of Arkansas.

The river's headwaters is located at the base of Fremont Pass, Mount Democrat and Mount Arkansas. (All near the Climax Mine.)

Adjacent are photos of the Arkansas River, just a modest snow-covered creek beside the highway (top), and a sign for the Arkansas River with a beautiful mountains afar (second).

Colorado Mountain Scenery One more grand mountain view as I approached Fremont Pass and headed toward Interstate 70.
Vail Pass, Colorado

Vail Pass

After my visit to the Grand Valley, the next picture I snapped was at the top of Vail Pass.

It was snowing! :)

Snowy Colorado Road

Driving In Snow

Driving In Snow

Three photos of the snowy road conditions as I traveled on Highway 91 between Copper Mountain and Leadville. The more elevation I gained, the snowier it got. :)

At the time, I was driving a pick-up truck pulling a trailer with furniture. The conditions had me nervous, but I did just fine.

Fremont Pass, Colorado

Fremont Pass

It was snowing like crazy at Fremont Pass. :)
Snow Scenery The gully past the road is the creek bed for the Arkansas River.
Snowy Colorado Road One last photo. Let's hope for more snow in May!


Coming down Vail Pass on Interstate 70.

Intense snowfall as I came down Fremont Pass.

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