Snow Images in Buena Vista, Colorado

THINK SNOW ALWAYS! 19 Snow Images For You
February 1, 2014 - After 36 hours of snowfall and accumulation nearing two feet, I explored Buena Vista, Colorado to photograph the snow. I realize many are not fans of snow and winter, and I'll admit that I once hated snow too, but over the years, I've come to appreciate the white fluffy stuff. Go skiing or snowshoeing. Make a snowman with the kids. How about ice skating? Or sledding? Whatever you do, may all your dreams come true in the winter!

Buena Vista, Colorado
Main Street in Buena Vista with the town traffic light and Sheep Mountain afar. So pretty!

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Buena Vista, CO Sign


Buena Vista, elevation 7953 feet.

This is the entrance sign on West Main Street.

Snow in Buena Vista

Snow in Colorado

Colorado Snow Scene

Three photos of open space, snow and mountains.

These images were taken either on Gregg Drive (as I drove west) or Chaffee County Road 321.

Mount Princeton is the massive mountain in the second picture.

Snow In Cemetery

Midland Hill, CO

Two snow images as I drove past the cemetery.

Midland Hill is the mountain in the second shot.

Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce is in the old church building on U.S. Highway 24.
Arkansas River, CO

Arkansas River in Buena Vista, CO

Snow on Arkansas River

Arkansas River

Snow on the Arkansas River. Ahhhh! From the bridge, one can access hiking and mountain bike trails. It's a good place to watch the kayakers in the summer too.

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  • Bad Snowman A snowman at the soccer fields.
    A herd of elk.

    Photo taken from Chaffee County Road 321 near the Maxwell Park Schoolhouse.

    Snowy Road Lots of snow on Chaffee County Road 356.
    Buena Vista Stop Light The traffic light in Buena Vista.
    Snowy Road in Colorado

    Snowy Road

    Snow Mountain Scene

    Chaffee County Road 371

    Three snow photos from Chaffee County Road 371.

    This is a interesting road that runs north and along the east side of the Arkansas River. Eventually it leads to the Midland Tunnels and other scenic spots.


    Snow and icicles at the river park.

    Lots of snow is not too shabby.

    Driving on Chaffee County Road 337.

    This is the only content not taken on 2/1/14. Strong winds four weeks earlier.

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