Snow and Mountains - Chaffee County, Colorado

Snow and Mountains in an Ice Crystal Paradise
Nov-Dec. 2013 - Over the past two weeks, I snapped more photos of snow and mountains throughout Chaffee County. We've gotten a lot of snowfall lately, which is exciting! Enjoy my photos and videos of snowy mountain scenery. :)

Mount Princeton, Colorado
The view of Mount Princeton on the morning on December 5, when it was -18 degrees.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Arkansas River, CO


The snow-covered banks of the Arkansas River in Salida.
Bald Mountain and Banana Mountain Traveling west on U.S. Highway 50, the view of Bald Mountain and Banana Mountain near Maysville.
A snow and mountain scene at Monarch Pass.
Mount Shavano Mount Shavano is the big one, right of center, as I traveled on Highway 291 out of Salida.
Mount Princeton Colorado Thanksgiving Day. A bright blue sky over Mount Princeton.
Buena Vista, CO Traffic Light Approaching the traffic light in Buena Vista on a snowy night.
Snowy Road A very snowy road that I had to drive to get home. :)
Buffalo Peaks, Colorado The Buffalo Peaks included in a beautiful snowscape.
Mount Yale, Colorado The spectacular view of Mount Yale from an area about two miles north of Buena Vista.


Is Mount Shavano ever shabby? :)

Windy morning.

Scenic drive from Monarch Pass to Garfield.

Pretty scenery.

Knocking down snow!

Mt. Princeton, Mt. Yale and Mt. Columbia.

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