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Roadside Snake Attraction in Albuquerque, NM

The Largest Snake In The World?
If you're a fan of quirky roadside attractions, then the snake sculptures in Albuquerque should be on your list.

Directions: At Rio Bravo Boulevard and Interstate 25 (south side of Albuquerque), go a east on Rio Bravo 0.1 miles and make a right (south) on University Boulevard. There's one snake right there on the median; there is another ~1.5 miles ahead. In typical New Mexico style, the designers of the road didn't take into account that someone might want to park and visit the snake. There is no parking; only a half-car size shoulder exists that might be workable for a quick pullover and jaunt onto the median for a picture. Enjoy!

Roadside Snake in Albuquerque
Just be grateful that at this size, it's not a live snake! That might make for a good horror movie idea, wouldn't it? :p)

Snake Sculpture in Albuquerque
I loved this snake so much that I put it in my not too shabby video series. :)

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