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Silly Mountain, Arizona - Elevation 2,139 Feet

My Hike of Silly Mountain In Apache Junction, AZ; Trail Photos, Directions And Summit Video

Silly Mountain Park In Apache Junction, AZ
Silly Mountain, AZ
Above: The view of Silly Mountain from the parking lot and trailhead.

Silly Mountain is an easy hike. It is a mere 0.7 miles from the trailhead, located near U.S. Highway 60 in Apache Junction, and it climbs a modest 400 feet in elevation to the summit. There are other trails that are part of the Silly Mountain Park, that if all taken would be about a four mile hike.

Now, if you're used to climbing more popular trails such as Piestewa Peak, or Camelback Mountain, you'll consider Silly Mountain to be simple. This is a great trail for beginners and those seeking a workout or a casual hike after work. Also, the park itself has a lot to offer in open space and desert plants growing in the wild. Although the hiking is easy, please don't let overconfidence get to you - you still need to be prepared as you would for any hike in the desert.

Directions: On Google maps, search for South Silly Mountain Road, Apache Junction, AZ. The large trailhead is at the junction of U.S. Highway 60 and South Silly Mountain Road. If you're driving on the Superstition Highway (Hwy 60), continue east until the freeway reduces to a four-lane highway outside Apache Junction. The turn left on South Silly Mountain Road is approximately two miles ahead.

Hike and Report by Steve Garufi. My links: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Silly Mountain Trails Hike To Silly Mountain

March 1, 2012 - You'll see this trail map at the trailhead. You can take either Brittle Bush Trail or the Old Mine Trail to the summit of Silly Mountain.

Saguaro Cacti

Saguaro Cactus

I took my time and photographed the many saguaros at the base.
Huff and Puff Trail About halfway there, I took the Huff and Puff Trail. Ha ha ha! What a name.
Silly Mountain Near the rocky summit.
Silly Mountain, Arizona

Silly Mountain, Arizona

Silly Mountain, Arizona

Silly Mountain Park

Silly Mountain Trail, AZ

Silly Mountain Trail, AZ

Photos At The Summit

While at the top, I conluded this might be a great place to watch the sunset or sunrise. Perhaps next time!

FIRST: I love the flowering bush in front as I gazed west toward Apache Junction and U.S. Highway 60. My camera didn't pick it up, but I could see downtown Phoenix with the naked eye.

SECOND: Turning to my right (clockwise), you can see the trail on the left.

THIRD: To the north, the grand view of the Superstition Mountains.

FOURTH: More of the Superstition Mountains with some old and new homes.

FIFTH: Facing east, more of the Silly Mountain Park and that wretched Huff and Puff Trail. :)

SIXTH: Facing south, there is a small peak that one can summit as well. There is not much out there besides beautiful desert beyond the highway.

Picketpost Mountain, AZ Facing way out there to the east, I could see the shape of Picketpost Mountain. Days after this hike, I would climb that mountain which would become the highlight of my week-long visit to Arizona. :)
Silly Mountain, Arizona A token photo of my ugliness. Yes, I wore sandals.
Saguaro Cactus

Silly Mountain Trail

Two more photos of saguaros as I came down.

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  • Video

    On the summit.

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