Short Mountain - Paris, Arkansas

A Drive Up A Scenic Mountain Near Paris, Arkansas - October 21, 2010

Short Mountain in Paris, Arkansas
Although Short Mountain is a mere 1,060 feet in elevation, it stands as the most recognizable mountain in and around the town of Paris, Arkansas. No established hiking trail exists, but this mountain can be accessed by car. This morning's mission was to photograph and experience all the mountain had to offer.

Directions: From the town square, travel west on Highway 22. Make a right on Rosalee Street. Go to the end of Rosalee and make a left. That dirt road leads to the top of the mountain.

Paris, Arkansas
The view of Short Mountain from a gas station inside Paris, Arkansas. This location is east of the town sqaure.

Short Mountain, Arkansas
Another view of Short Mountain from North Rosalee Street and Chism Street.

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Up the road I traveled. This dirt road is well-graded and is driveable in an ordinary passenger car.
Short Mountain, AR


I was speeding up the road when I noticed a turtle. I had to stop and snap photos of it! :)
Short Mountain, Arkansas At the top of the mountain are cell towers. Much of the area is blocked off with no trespassing signs, link fences and barbed wire fences. A local informed me a private residence exists near the main switchback in the road. Please be respectful of private property if you travel to this mountain.

As I stood on the road, it occurred to me how much this mountain is an asset to Paris, Arkansas. I can envision this mountain improving the quality of life for locals and even being an attraction for visitors. Imagine an established hiking trail. In the open area on top of the mountain, a frisbee golf course could be enjoyed. Similar to Mount Nebo State Park, there could be two lookouts: "Sunset Lookout" and "Sunrise Lookout" on each respective side of the mountain. Benches could be placed at scenic overlooks for relaxation and reflection. To my friends in Paris, I encourage you to think about this. Dream big! :)

Short Mountain, AR Before the main switchback is a large rock with a clearing of trees that serves as a scenic overlook ...
Short Mountain Arkansas ... a self-portrait of myself with the valley and Carbon City somewhere down below.
Arkansas Scenery As I drove down, I captured one shot of layer after layer of beautiful northwest Arkansas hills. So pretty!

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