Sentinel Point (Elevation 12527 Feet) - Teller County, Colorado

A Peak With Prominence In Teller County
If you live in Teller County, Colorado, there's a good chance you're acquainted with Sentinel Point. Or at the very least, you've probably gazed at it many times even if you didn't know its name. Sentinel Point (12527 feet) is part of the Pikes Peak Range and can be accessed from Horsethief Falls or the Devils Playground on the Pikes Peak Highway. On my hike, I began at the Devils Playground and hiked on 12000'+ ridges to reach the peak from the west. The more common way, I believe, is for hikers to make the demanding climb through forest from Horsethief Falls. Either way, this mountain is not for beginners. You can see everything on the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #137 for Pikes Peak/Canon City.

Sentinel Point, CO
Facing Peak 12939' and Sentinel Point from the Pikes Peak Toll Road.
Sentinel Point, CO Sentinel Point, CO
Two fall foliage images with Sentinel Point by Summit Post and Floyd Muad'Dib.
Sentinel Point, Colorado
My image of Sentinel Point, the pointed peak on the right, from Highway 24 in Divide.

Write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Peak 12888 Feet


September 15, 2014 - I began at the Devils Playground parking lot, passed the Teller County High Point and then continued toward the ridge of Peak 12888'.
Mule Down below, there was a mule happily grazing. :)
Pikes Peak, CO My view of Pikes Peak. So pretty.
Peak 12888' I passed Peak 12888' a captured another shot of it after I crossed the ridge.
Sentinel Point, Colorado

Sentinel Point, Colorado

It was then that Sentinel Point came into view. It's an easy hike until the final climb to the top.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of this peak, I made a short video ...
There are big rocks near the top. At first, I thought it was no big deal.

Then I realized the "rocks" were more like boulders -- massive boulders. The climb required some fun Class III moves. However, the entire top of the mountain was covered in these behemouths.
I navigated all over the north and east side of the peak, searching for the best way to reach the summit or any part of the ridge.

Finally, I succeeded by squeezing through two boulders on the ridge. Adjacent was the view on the other side.

However, as I considered my options to reach the summit, I saw that the boulders were MASSIVE. I'm talking the size of trucks! There was no way that I could get to the top. The massive rock (left) sitting vertically on other huge rocks was a good example.

Regretfully, I could not find a way to reach the true summit. So I found the top of a rock about 50 feet away and relaxed.

A self-portrait of me with a cigar and my view of the tallest boulder.

If anyone knows how to get up there without making Class IV and/or Class V moves, please tell me!

Sentinel Point, Colorado The view to the west. Yes, I realize this image focuses too much on the rock. My mistake. :p)
Sentinel Point, CO

Pikes Peak, Colorado

More mountain scenery.

TOP: Peak 12888' (left of center) and Little Pikes Peak on the right.

SECOND: I thought it would be fitting to finish this page with a shot of Pikes Peak to the east. I hiked that mountain from Barr Trail in 2002. I'm probably due to climb it again, perhaps from the Crags Trail.


Near the beginning of my hike.

Showing the beauty of Pikes Peak.

Near the base of the boulder field.

At the summit.

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