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Scenic Mountain Point Highway 24 - Chaffee County, CO

My Hike Of An Rocky Ridge With An Overlook; Colorado Scenery; Clear Creek Reservoir - May 3, 2010

Today I climbed a rocky point in north Chaffee County. Recently, I have become enamored with climbing nameless peaks and overlooks along Highway 24. So many mountains don't gain respect because either their altitude isn't over a magic number like 14,000 feet, or the peak doesn't have a name or trail. As I think you'll see, this is a scenic mountain spot.

This small rocky ridge does not have a name, and I have loosely named it "Scenic Mountain Point" for now. According to my topographical map, the altitude at the top ~9,200 feet.

For the record, I do not recommend hiking to this rocky point. There were a few gnarly Class III spots as I ascended up the south side near Tiger Lily Creek. I also walked on the railroad bridge to cross the Arkansas River to begin my hike. As a local resident, I am well acquainted with these wilderness areas, but if you're a novice, stay away. Consider this page for informational purposes - a simple report of what I did.

Enjoy the Colorado scenery photos below!

Buena Vista, Colorado

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"Scenic Mountain Point" - Chaffee County, Colorado Colorado Scenery
The view of Scenic Mountain Point from Highway 24. This is a less than one mile north of the Numbers River Access point on the Arkansas River.
Colorado Scenery
Another beautiful view of the mountain a few tenths of a mile north on Highway 24.

Colorado Scenery
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My hike began traveling a short distance on railroad tracks. I crossed the bridge, walked on a dirt road south and then turned upward into the woods toward the southern ridge.

This brought all sorts of memories from last month, when I walked from the north county border to the Numbers parking lot as part of my Chaffee County walk. :)

Hiking upward in the forest.

Climbing up a few steep and rocky hills. It was not too dangerous, but I definitely need to use my hands a few times to navigate through some of the rocks.
Almost to the top!
Colorado Mountain Scenery
North Overlook

I was blessed with two views at the top. I didn't realize an overlook existed facing north.

Adjacent is the view of the Arkansas River and railroad tracks bending to the left. See the tall pointed peak left of center? That will be my next unnamed mountain to climb in the upcoming weeks! :)

Clear Creek Reservoir, CO A beautiful view of Clear Creek Reservoir.
I zoomed-in on Colorado 14ers Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive. So pretty!
East Overlook

I reached the east overlook, which can be easily seen from Highway 24.

Beyond the highway are the grounds for Arkansas Valley Adventures, a whitewater rafting company that does raft trips throughout Colorado. After my hike, I spoke with someone on the grounds who informed their first day of whitewater rafting was happening tomorrow (Tuesday, May 4). So exciting! Their website is

Colorado Overlook The scenic view to the north.
Cross A beautiful cross.
Railroad Bridge Looking down at the railroad bridge and Arkansas River.
An old and dead tree.
Steve One final thing I haven't mentioned was it was extremely windy! The wind howled and blew strongly from the north. The wind was so strong that it kept blowing over my tripod; somehow I managed to capture this shot.