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Leftover on my laptop ...
Below are extra photos of the Grand Junction region and Colorado National Monument that were taken in October and November 2012. I already have a one-photo-at-a-time website in, but over time there are "bits and scraps" of decent scenery photos that don't quite make it on this website.
Colorado National Monument
The stunning view of red rocks in Colorado National Monument from the Grand View overlook.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Balanced Rock


My view of Balanced Rock in Colorado National Monument from the rim of Fruita Canyon
Fall Colors Pretty fall colors on cottonwood trees.
Fruita, Colorado Welcome to Fruita, Colorado! :)
Grapes Grapes. A common thing in my neighborhood.
Loma School The historic Loma School in Loma, Colorado.
Broadway on Grand Junction Canyon walls of Colorado National Monument in the background from Broadway in Grand Junction.
Colorado National Monument

Rim Rock Drive

TOP: A photo from the Monument Canyon View in Colorado National Monument.

SECOND: A dramatic red rock wall as seen from Rim Rock Drive. This is near the west entrance of Colorado National Monument.

Peppers An array of peppers in my kitchen.
Sentinel Spire

Wedding Canyon, Colorado

After hiking to Independence Monument via the Monument Canyon Trail, I returned via Wedding Canyon and snapped these photos.

Included is Sentinel Spire (top) and a red rock structure (second).

Sunset A sunset in Grand Junction.
Utah State Line The Utah state line from old Highway 6 & 50.
White Rocks in Colorado National Monument

TOP: Looking down at the White Rocks area from Gold Star Canyon.

SECOND: Cruising in the desert.

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