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Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site - Eads, Colorado

The Day That Changed The Great Plains Forever
The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site is a place where I feel compelled to keep my words few -- out of respect and reverence for those who suffered on that horrific day in November 29, 1864. I am grateful to have visited. In 1997, I drove to Chivington in search of this site, only to realize there was no signage and it was on private land. Not wanting to trespass and risk eliciting the ire of a rancher, I turned back. Well, today it is an official national historic site that is preserved by the National Park Service.

Directions: The physical address is 55411 County Road W outside of Eads. When you get to the town of Chivington, continue east on Highway 96. Then turn north on the dirt road with signage and take it to the end, approximately eight miles. (The road is well-graded, but there might be some rough spots.) At the end, turn right on County Road W. The massacre site is about a half mile on the left.

Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site

"... hundreds of women and children were coming towards us and getting on their knees for mercy. Anthony shouted, 'Kill the sons of bitches!' ... the massacre lasted six to eight hours ... I tell you Ned it was hard to see little children on their knees have their brains beat out by men professing to be civilized. Some tried to escape on the Prairie, but most of them were run down by horsemen ... They were all horribly mutilated. One women was cut open and child taken out of her, and scalped ..." -Captain Silas Soule (Source:

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November 7, 2015 - Since the park became a national historic site, a number of signs have been erected around southeast Colorado. This was the first one I saw in Las Animas, 47 miles away.
Colorado Eastern Plains

Dirt Road

Off Highway 96 near Chivington and on dirt roads.

As you can see, it is isolated. The Great Plains at her best.

Sand Creek Massacre Site The entrance sign for the Sand Creek Massacre Site.
Sand Creek Massacre Site

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

Park at the visitor center, get a brochure, use the restroom, and then hike one mile to a hill that overlooks the site.

Beyond those trees is where the slaghter happened.

Sand Creek Massacre Site A controversial monument exists at the overlook. The Sand Creek Massacre Site was NOT a battleground. It was a delibrate attack of defenseless Natives -- in spite of a truce flag flying prominently based on previous agreements of peace for this camp of Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians. Most who were slaughtered were women and children. Even the 38th Congress (just a few years later) denounced the incient, saying soldiers "indulged in acts of barbarity of the most revolting character."

This monument should be replaced with something more appropriate.

Mario Park Ranger I want to give a thank you to Mario, a park ranger. :) He was kind, helpful, and a passionate representative of the site.

Sand Creek Massacre History
There are many signs. Here are just a few.

Sand Creek Massacre

Sand Creek Massacre History


Showing the site from the overlook.

Longer and with narration by me.

No talking. Still frame. For those who want to pay their respect.
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Sand Creek Massacre

For more information, visit the NPS website:

Wikipedia provides an excellent summary about the massacre:

Witness accounts:

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