San Rafael Swell and Green River

Another Beautiful Region of Utah
The San Rafael Swell and Green River is another special place in Utah. It's less visited than Moab, but there are plenty of mountains, slot canyons, arches and historic Indian rock art. Now that I live in Fruita, Colorado, I find myself increasingly lured to Green River and the natural wonders that way.

Rock structures and earth's layers sticking out as I approched the San Rafael Swell from Interstate 70 westbound.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Goblin Valley State Park Goblin Valley State Park - A hoodoo wonderland southwest of Green River. The kids will love it. Oh heck, so will adults! :)

Little Wild Horse Canyon Little Wild Horse Canyon - The most popular slot canyon hike in the San Rafael Swell. Can be done in a loop hike with Bell Canyon.
Wild Horse Butte - A towering butte that demands some admiration near Goblin Valley State Park.
Dutchman Arch, Utah Dutchman Arch - Near the Head of Sinbad.
Black Dragon Canyon Indian Art - Pictographs and petroglyphs in Black Dragon Canyon.
Mountains in Utah - Mountains and scenery as I drove through Utah on a long road trip.
Buckhorn Wash - A scenic canyon that's accessible with any 2WD vehicle. North of Interstate 70 at exit 131.
Pictographs at Thompson Springs - Located in Sego Canyon, a few miles north of Thompson Springs. (This is east of Green River, but it's close enough to be listed on this page.)
1970 Pontiac Ambulance 1970 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance - An amazing old ambulance sitting in front of the Green River fire station.
Utah Scenery Utah Photos - Extra scenery photos from my weekend visit to Green River and the San Rafael Swell in August 2013.

The rest area on Interstate 70.

Extra Videos

  • Jessies Twist
  • Utah Desert Scenery
  • Overlook at Ghost Rock

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