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Salida and Southern Chaffee County
When I was a resident of Buena Vista (2005-2012), I thought fondly of Salida as a "sister town" in Chaffee County. I have many friends in Salida, and have spent much time working on my book (that's still in progress) at a couple of favorite spots there. Then, in 2013, I made the move to Salida. This is a great mountain town and I'm so happy to be living here! :)

On this page are all of my hikes and pages in Salida and southern Chaffee County. This includes Poncha Springs, Monarch Pass, the southern Sawatch Range and everything south of Nathrop.

Salida, Colorado
Photo Above: The stunning view of Mount Antero (left of center) from First Street in Salida.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Salida, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Waterdog Lakes, CO Waterdog Lakes Trail - A moderate hike to the Waterdog Lakes. The trailhead is on U.S. Highway 50 near Monarch Mountain.
Sonic Drive-In Sonic Drive-In Restaurant - Friends and I at the Sonic on Highway 50.

Monarch Pass Webcam Monarch Pass - A modest photo gallery of Monarch Pass with two recent videos.

Arkansas River in Salida November 2013 - Extra photos of mountains and scenery in and around Salida.
Tenderfoot Mountain - An easy and popular Salida hike via Spiral Drive. (This mountain is sometimes referred as "S" Mountain.)
Poncha Pass Colorado Biking Poncha Pass - An excellent 7.5 mile ride (one way) from Poncha Springs to Poncha Pass. There is good shoulder the entire way on U.S. Highway 285.

Also, a write-up about the Monarch Spur Trail.

Turret, Colorado Turret, Colorado - Some call this a ghost town. 12 miles northeast of Salida, this was once a bustling mining town like St. Elmo.
Marshall Pass - Our drive to Marshall Pass on the Continental Divide, from Salida to Sargents.
Mount Antero - A 14er in the Sawatch Range, northwest of Salida. Photos of our ascent via Baldwin Gulch Road.

I also have a Mt. Antero Photo Gallery.

There are also photo tribute pages to Mt. Shavano and Mt. Ouray. I'm hopeful to climb both of them this year.

Browns Creek Falls, CO Browns Creek Falls - A worthwhile hike to a beautiful waterfall via the Browns Creek Trail. In relative proximity to Mt. White and Mt. Antero.
Hecla Junction - Photos of scenery on Hecla Junction Road, including the mountain views and Arkansas River.
Methodist Mountain - Not an exciting hike and I didn't even make it to the summit, but I did capture some okay photos.
Southern Chaffee County - Photos of the mountains throughout the southern part of Chaffee County.
Christmas Tree Cutting - A Christmas tree cutting adventure with the Naegele family. Very lively it was with snowball fighting.
Droney Gulch - Scenery from Chaffee County Road 251.1 in southern Chaffee County.
Bald Mountain Colorado Bald Mountain & Banana Mountain - A hike to Hunt Lake and the summits of Bald Mountain and Banana Mountain in southern Chaffee County.
Mountain Biking Raspberry Gulch - Mountain biking with friend in and around Raspberry Gulch.
Boss Lake Reservoir Boss Lake Reservoir - A hike to Boss Lake Reservoir, located west of Poncha Springs.
Chaffee County Road 101 - A drive on Chaffee County Road 101, east of Salida.
Rocky Mountain Mini-Golf - I do recommend the miniature golf place on U.S. Highway 50. This page has photos of good times with friends. :)
St. Elmo, CO - A popular "ghost town" in Chalk Creek Canyon. From Nathrop, travel west on County Road 162 until you hit town.
1955 Cadillac Angel of Shavano Car Show - Photos of my favorite old cars at the annual car show in Salida.

Also, I have photos from the 2012 car show.

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