Photos Around Salida, Colorado

Salida, Colorado - In The Heart Of The Rockies
November 2013 - I've lived in Salida for almost a month and I have a number of extra mountain shots that I've taken. Now, I have made photo galleries for when I biked Poncha Pass, cruised on the Monarch Spur Trail, hiked Tenderfoot Mountain and photographed mountains in western Fremont County. If Salida and southern Chaffee County are of particular interest to you, then I encourage you to visit my Salida index page. It's still a work-in-progress, but there are more hikes and content there:

Mount Ouray, Colorado
The view of Mount Ouray and Chipeta Peak from Salida.

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Arkansas River in Salida, CO
Fall foliage along the Arkansas River in early November.

180-degree video ...
Salida, Colorado

Salida, Colorado

Two photos of U.S. Highway 50 on the south side of town.
Salida, Colorado Mount Antero is the pointed peak afar. What a stunning view of the mountains from First Street.
Mountains in Salida, CO The Sangre De Cristo Range and Methodist Mountain on the right.
Mount Shavano Colorado Plenty of pretty views of Mount Shavano to the west of Salida.
Mount Aetna, CO Mount Aetna is the pointed peak on the left. Photo taken as I was traveling west of Highway 50 toward Maysville and Monarch Mountain.
Follow The Hearts To Salida

Salida Antique Road Sign

Antique road signs that promoted Salida tourism.
An unknown peak northeast of town that I'd like to hike.
Tenderfoot Mountain

Mount Shavano, CO

Tenderfoot Mountain

Tenderfoot Mountain is a short and scenic hike. Some locals refer to it as "S" Mountain.

TOP: Tenderfoot Mountain as seen from F Street.

SECOND: On the summit, the view looking down at downtown Salida.

THIRD: The lofty view of Mount Shavano across the valley.

Arkansas River, CO Another shot of the Arkansas River.
Wildlife Lots of mule deers and bucks can be found in town. They're all over Chaffee County.


Mount Shavano

The South Arkansas River behind the Sonic drive-in.

On the summit of Tenderfoot Mountain with Shana.

Downtown Salida isn't shabby at all!

Colorado snowfall brings joy to the people!

Walking around while it snows.

Mount Princeton Photos
Frantz Lake, CO
Many of my photos of Mount Princeton for are taken from the southern end of the county. Here's a decent one that includes Frantz Lake in the foreground.

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