The Roger Maris Museum

Photos Of The Roger Maris Museum in Fargo, North Dakota - Tribute To A Baseball Great

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Roger Maris Museum
November 2007 - Kate and I had dinner at the Granite City Brewery in Fargo and I was so excited to visit the Roger Maris Museum, located inside a shopping mall in Fargo. Although on the small side, it is a very special place that pays tribute to Roger Maris: a great man, an extraordinary baseball player and a New York Yankee too.
Roger Maris Quote
Roger Maris Quote
Great quotes by Roger Maris.

"I never wanted all this hoopla. All I wanted was to be a good ball player and hit twenty-five or thirty homers, drive in a hundred runs, hit .280 and help my club win pennants. I just wanted to be one of the guys, an average player having a good season." ~Roger Maris

"When he hit it, he came into the dugout and they were all applauding. I mean, this is something that's only happened once in baseball, right? And the people were all applauding. They wanted him to come back out. He wouldn't come out, so the players had to push him to come back out. They forced him to take a bow. That's the kind of guy he was. He was great and I really liked him." ~Mickey Mantle

Roger Maris and Family There is a sitting area with a running video that provides a very thorough biography on Roger Maris' life.
Roger Maris Museum
Roger Maris Home Run Baseballs
A display that includes some of home run balls during Maris' 1961 season.

Roger Maris I believe this is a replica monument that also exists inside the Yankees historic area out behind left field of Yankee Stadium.
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  • Roger Maris Museum Special thanks to Kate for coming along with me to the museum. :)
    Roger Maris Museum
    Roger Maris Museum
    Two more photos.

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