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Fremont Indian State Park, Arches National Park, Another Enjoyable Hostel Experience In Moab

Fremont Indian State Park, UT Fremont Indian State Park Utah October 11-14, 1994

My first stop in Utah was the Fremont Indian State Park near Sevier.

This is an interesting place with many petroglyphs. Hey ... I think petroglyphs are fascinating, but isn't this merely ancient graffiti? :)

There was a 0.4 mile loop trail in the park.

Two photos of the hilly scenery.

Cattle Somewhere in southern Utah, I drove over a cattle guard where there were steers like this one on the edges of the road.

Being a New Jerseyite at the time, I couldn't believe this sight! :)

Arches National Park

Arches National Park Utah

Arches National Park In Moab, Utah

My destination was another hostel, this one in Moab, that had affordable rates and was replete with friendly travelers. On the first morning, I befriended a guy from Italy named Luke. Together, we visited Arches National Park.

By now, I had fallen in love with the Mountain West region.

Southern New Mexico.
The wide open deserts and mountains.
And now, Arches National Park.

Steve Me among red rocks.

Balanced Rock, Utah

Balanced Rock Utah

Three different photos of Balanced Rock.

Over the years, I would visit Moab and Arches National Park two more times:

  • Arches National Park Photos (2008)
  • Three Day Winter Weekend (2010)
  • Ring Arch, Tower Arch and Double O Arch (2012)

  • Standing under some of the arches can be harrowing! One of these days, Mother Nature, with the help of erosion and gravity, will do its work and crumble these arches to the ground. Take heart, however, because new arches are being formed as well.

    When I see the delicateness of arches like these, it bothers me so much to see people swinging and hanging off of something like Corona Arch (also near Moab) with ropes. That kind of activity can only accelerate the erosion process of such wonders.

    Delicate Arch Utah We hiked to Delicate Arch one evening.
    Horse Trail

    Steve on Horse

    One morning I went on a guided horseback ride. Fun!

    I spent two full days in Moab and in retrospect, I should have spent more time exploring the region. There is Canyonlands National Park and a slew of other national parks and national monuments in southern Utah. Even visiting the Four Corners Monument where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet would have been fun. So much to see and do ... so little time.

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