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Wyoming - South Dakota - North Dakota

Sightseeing and Hanging Out In The Black Hills ... and a Whole Lot of Driving on the Plains

Wyoming Sign October 19-23, 1994


I wrote in my journal: "Wyoming was very interesting. There's just nothing there."

To be fair, I only drove through eastern Wyoming, en route to the Black Hills.

Two Headed Cattle I stopped in Lusk, where I visited a museum that had a two-headed calf.

Crazy Horse Monument

Mount Rushmore

South Dakota

I visited the Crazy Horse Monument the next morning, and spent an hour there.

Then I visited Mount Rushmore, and spent 45 minutes there.

I wrote about Mount Rushmore: "Sure it's beautiful, but I can only look it for so long!"

Black Hills State University The next day, I had lunch in Lead and then drove to Spearfish to wander. On the Black Hills State University campus, I told a woman at an information booth that I needed a place to stay, and she said I could stay on campus for $10/night if I went on a tour of campus. So I did! :)

For two nights, I stayed in a dorm room that had a refrigerator, microwave and kitchen area across the hall. Also a lounge with a pool table was nearby. I definitely took advantage of everything and played pool with students both nights.

I spent a full day in Spearfish and visited the fish hatchery. Nice place.
Next to the hatchery was a park with a creek running through. It was pretty.

North Dakota

Welcome to North Dakota
That's the only photo I snapped in North Dakota.

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