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New York

Visit With Marc In Grand Island, Photos of Niagara Falls, Final Stops In Syracuse and New Paltz

October 28 - November 3, 1994

Grand Island, New York

From Detroit, I drove across southwest Ontario to arrive in western New York. This first picture was taken at a park beside the Niagara River. It was the early afternoon and I was waiting for my friend Marc to get off work.

Marc Steve Garufi Darts This is Marc, a friend whom I graduated high school with. We did a lot of things together as teenagers, and when we could drive, we attended many New York Yankees games.

Living in Grand Island, Marc hosted me for two nights. We played a lot of darts. :)

Old Building We had dinner in Buffalo, and he drove me all over the city.

I have no idea why I snapped this photo of an old building.

Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls, New York

Hurricane Deck Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

After a day and a half with me, Marc went on a business trip to Maryland and I spent the day alone in Niagara Falls.

Adjacent are three photos of this amazing waterfall.

Steve Garufi Niagara Falls Me on the Cave of the Winds deck. You get so wet. It's so much fun!
Rainbow at Niagara Falls

Two photos of rainbows. These were my last pictures taken on this road trip.

Somewhere in the northern USA or Midwest, it had become obvious that the trip was coming to an end. I kept trying to stretch it out. That night, I stayed at a hostel in Niagara Falls.

Syracuse and New Paltz

I stayed for two nights at a hostel in Syracuse that was in a charming and old Victorian style home. On the second night, I met two German men, one of whom played acey duecey (a variaton of backgammon) with me.

In New Paltz, I crashed in the dorm room of Albert Meyer-Pflug, a friend who was studying at SUNY New Paltz. That night, I enjoyed socializing with his friends at a Bible study, and Albert offered to take me on a hike for the following afternoon. He was such a generous friend! He also gave me a meal card which provided me with a free breakfast at the campus cafeteria. By midday, however, Albert told me he couldn't go hiking, and being only a 90 minute drive away from my home in New Jersey, I knew this was the end of my road trip.

No Regrets. So Glad I Went On This Trip

In my last journal entry, as I sat in Albert's dorm room in New Paltz, I quote lyrics from this Frank Sinatra song ...

The last paragraph reads: "Well, this is it. When I stop writing, I will pack my car and drive out of here ... going back home to good ol' New Jersey. No matter what, I am so glad I went on this trip. 'Regrets? I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.'"

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