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New Mexico

Beautiful Southern New Mexico Scenery; Memorable Experiences In Truth Or Consequences

Welcome to New Mexico Sign October 4-7, 1994

October 4 began in Austin, Texas and ended in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. 730 total driving miles.

I pulled over on Interstate 25 (north of El Paso) at the New Mexico state line.

Hot Minnow Bath

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

For three nights, I stayed at one of the nicest hostels in America. In the relaxed desert town of Truth or Consequences was a hostel with hot springs on the banks of the Rio Grande. The hot springs were wonderful. Everyone was friendly. And the place had tipis that one could rent for the night. I recall sitting in the hot springs on my first night and gazing at the mountains. When it got dark, the sky was a licorice black and revealed a plethora of stars. They don't call New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment" for nothing!

I don't believe the owners advertise this place as a hostel anymore. Instead, it's promoted as an inn with private lodging rooms like other hot springs. I did stay there again in 2007 and had a great expeirence. The relaxing atmosphere, wonderful hot springs and friendly people were just like it was in 1994.

Obviously, I recommend this the Riverbend Hot Springs. Their website is www.riverbendhotsprings.com.

Tipi A beautiful tipi on the grounds.
New Mexico Desert The New Mexico desert in all her beauty.
Elephant Butte Reservoir New Mexico

Elephant Butte Reservoir

I was enamored by this reservoir. It felt like being at the beach, in a desert sort of way.
Turtleback Mountain, NM I spent two full days in Truth or Consequences and fell in love with the town.

Adjacent is a photo of Turtleback Mountain, which stands as a landmark to the east. During my brief stay, I desired to hike that mountain, and a local guy gave me directions to the trailhead ...

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

The next morning, I went for it. I found the trailhead, and hiked upward. At the time, I had so little hiking experience and I unintentionally went off the trail. Suddenly, I found myself trudging through a ravine as seen in the top photo. Hey ... at least the silhouette of the ocotillo branches came out nice! :)

Eventually I found the trail and continued. I didn't make it far, but it was still a nice outing. It was pretty to see the view of Truth or Consequences unfold as the sun rose.

Rio Grande Kayak I went on a canoe ride on the Rio Grande. A guy at the hostel named Lance took me in his boat. Adjacent is a photo of him in his kayak.

In my journal, I note how unusually friendly the guests and staff were at this hostel. It felt like I had made good friends in such a short time period:

Lance - Led me on a canoe ride. I wrote, "he's really wacko and funny."
The Elderly Couple From Boston - "They're always funny; especially the old guy."
Harvard Woman - "Slightly older than me, attractive, incredibly educated."
Brian - "Hairy, long-bearded man. He helped me with my mountain climb."
Matt From Boston - "The only other guy sleeping in my room."
Friendly Couple From England - "Met them at the hot springs."

New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunset

On my last night, the sunset was amazing. I was falling in love with the Mountain West.

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