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Minnesota - Wisconsin - Michigan

Hiking and The Hostel at Lake Itasca, Minnesota; Visits to Milwaukee, Lake Michigan and Detroit Suburb

Lake Itasca, Minnesota

Steve at Lake Itasca

October 23-28, 1994

Lake Itasca, Minnesota

The lure of an inexpensive hostel led me to Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. The big attraction is this lake is the headwaters of the Mississippi River. The top photo shows how narrow of a river it is.

P.S. Where is my hair? Oh my, thank goodness I would grow it longer years ahead. :)

Mississippi River, Minnesota Another photo of the Mississippi River as it begins its 2,500+ mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico.
Lake Itasca Hostel I stayed for two nights. On the first night, there were only three guests, and on the second, I was the only guest. A man named Tom ran the place and we had the entire hostel to ourselves.

If this hostel is still in operation, I highly recommend it, especially during the off-season. There is no TV, a delightful reading room and a fireplace. There are plenty of hiking trails and they offer bicycle rentals.

Karen at Lake Itasca It was cold: in the 40s and breezy. Karen, a friend I made at the hostel, hiked with me to the headwaters in the morning.
Lake Itasca Trail

Lake Itasca Trail

In the afternoon, we did a major hike around the lake.

Two photos of our trail. It snowed in the afternoon.

Hollandale, Minnesota

Hollandale, Minnesota

Hollandale, Minnesota

Then I drove to Hollandale, a small farming town in southern Minnesota. My friend Mark Heijerman (who was living in New Jersey at the time) grew up here and I wanted to meet his family and take pictures of town.

Along with meeting Mark's relatives, I had lunch at the Home Cafe and drank a beer at Sparky's.

Wisconsin Barn

Makio From Japan

Greendale, Wisconsin

My next stop was at a hostel in Greendale, a suburb of Milwaukee. For one night, I stayed in a large red barn ... that had no heat! Somehow I survived the night with a number of blankets.

There was one other guy staying at the hostel. His name was Makio and he was visiting from Japan. We went together to a supermarket and mall and had good conversations.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Plant I did the Pabst Blue Ribbon Tour in Milwaukee ...
Lake Michigan

... and visited Lake Michigan.

I was only there for a day, but I liked Milwaukee.

In general, I'll say that I'm not the biggest fan of the Midwest, but I have been back from time to time. Some of my photos:

  • Minnesota High Point
  • Wisconsin High Point
  • Iowa High Point
  • Sugar Beet Farming in Minnesota
  • Clay County, Minnesota

  • Michigan

    Welcome to Michigan

    I drove through Chicago and northwest Indiana, and snapped one photo of Michigan.

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