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Alabama - Mississippi - Louisiana

Visits to Two College Campuses and Gulf Coast Beach; Drive Through Louisiana

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Tuscaloosa Road
September 26 - October 1, 1994


I did have some things to tend to on this trip. I was considering attending graduate school for social work, and wanted to go somewhere in the southern USA. From Chattanooga, I visited the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and got a dorm room for $13 for the night. With that, I was given a meal card and other perks students enjoy.

Adjacent is a treelined road in Tuscaloosa.

University of Alabama Coach Bear Bryant The next morning, I had good talks with people at the Social Work department. Their program impressed me. In fact, I was told (believe it or not) that being a white male might help my chances of admission in the female and minority-dominated program! :)

Two photos around campus. A tall steeple with the Alabama and U.S. flags.

A picture of Coach Bear Bryant that was in a display area dedicated to him.

Students I did a lot of socializing at the university. One the first night, I watched football with guys in the dorm.

Then, on my second night, I met these guys who were in the "Campus Crusade" house. They let me sleep on their couch for free. I don't recall a lot, but they were fun guys. Nice photo of them!

John 3:3 Sign After two days in Tuscaloosa, I was back on the road. In the country. In the heart of the Bible belt.

I avoided the Interstate. I had lunch in Demopolis, stopped in Grove Hill and took the back roads through State Line, Mississippi. I was in the sticks!


My next stop was the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. They also had a social work program that I was interested in. With it being an average school day during the week, it was so easy to make an appointment and meet with the department head or have a talk with a professor during his or her office hours.

Again, I stayed in a dorm and got a meal card -- for only $15. All in all, I wasn't impressed with the town of Hattiesburg and while everyone was so friendly, USM felt more like a safety school.

The pretty rose garden on campus was nice.

University of Southern Mississippi

Flower Garden

There was a swimming pool at the dorm. Not bad! Dorm Swimming Pool
The next stop was the Gulf Coast in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Granted, I visited on a Friday morning, but it was eerie to be the only person on the beach. Was there an oil spill that I didn't know about? And what's up with the tire tracks? Come on. Lastly, I believe that was a Yankees blanket. :)

Second photo: I walked on a wooden pier that warned people that they entered at their own risk. It was somewhat rickety, but it was fine.

Mississippi Beach


I filled my gas tank at Dixie Gas. Y'all come save with Dixie!

Ahhh ... notice the low gas prices.

Dixie Gas Station

Dixie Gas Pump

Louisiana Sign


I drove across Louisiana and only stopped once to stay at a motel in Lake Charles. I remember being bit by a lot of mosquitoes!
Louisiana Swamp A Lousiana swamp, as seen from Interstate 10.

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