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Alabama - Mississippi - Louisiana

Visits to Two College Campuses and Gulf Coast Beach; Drive Through Louisiana

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Tuscaloosa Road
September 26 - October 1, 1994


I did have some things to tend to on this trip. I was considering attending graduate school for social work, and wanted to go somewhere in the southern USA. From Chattanooga, I visited the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and got a dorm room for $13 for the night. With that, I was given a meal card and other perks students enjoy.

Adjacent is a treelined road in Tuscaloosa.

University of Alabama Coach Bear Bryant The next morning, I had good talks with people at the Social Work department. Their program impressed me. In fact, I was told (believe it or not) that being a white male might help my chances of admission in the female and minority-dominated program! :)

Two photos around campus. A tall steeple with the Alabama and U.S. flags.

A picture of Coach Bear Bryant that was in a display area dedicated to him.

Students I did a lot of socializing at the university. One the first night, I watched football with guys in the dorm.

Then, on my second night, I met these guys who were in the "Campus Crusade" house. They let me sleep on their couch for free. I don't recall a lot, but they were fun guys. Nice photo of them!

John 3:3 Sign After two days in Tuscaloosa, I was back on the road. In the country. In the heart of the Bible belt.

I avoided the Interstate. I had lunch in Demopolis, stopped in Grove Hill and took the back roads through State Line, Mississippi. I was in the sticks!


My next stop was the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. They also had a social work program that I was interested in. With it being an average school day during the week, it was so easy to make an appointment and meet with the department head or have a talk with a professor during his or her office hours.

Again, I stayed in a dorm and got a meal card -- for only $15. All in all, I wasn't impressed with the town of Hattiesburg and while everyone was so friendly, USM didn't appeal to be too much.

The pretty rose garden on campus was nice.

University of Southern Mississippi

Flower Garden

There was a swimming pool at the dorm. Not bad! Dorm Swimming Pool
The next stop was the Gulf Coast in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Granted, I visited on a Friday morning, but it was eerie to be the only person on the beach. Was there an oil spill that I didn't know about? And what's up with the tire tracks? Come on. Lastly, I believe that was a Yankees blanket. :)

Second photo: I walked on a wooden pier that warned people that they entered at their own risk. It was somewhat rickety, but it was fine.

Mississippi Beach


I filled my gas tank at Dixie Gas. Y'all come save with Dixie!

Ahhh ... notice the low gas prices.

Dixie Gas Station

Dixie Gas Pump

Louisiana Sign


I drove across Louisiana and only stopped once to stay at a motel in Lake Charles. I remember being bit by a lot of mosquitoes!
Louisiana Swamp A Lousiana swamp, as seen from Interstate 10.

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