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Photos of Mountain on Interstate 70; Four Days With Bill, Doug and Holly in Fort Collins

Welcome To Colorado Sign October 14-19, 1994

Interstate 70 In Colorado

In retrospect, I should have spent more time exploring the mountains of western and central Colorado, but instead I spent a half day driving from Moab, Utah to Fort Collins, Colorado.

At the risk of sounding sappy, history was made right here. Among my bazillions of photos of Colorado over the years, the adjacent photo (taken with a film camera) was the very first one! :)

This sign was on the side of Interstate 70, west of Grand Junction.

I snapped three photos along Interstate 70.

Here's a photo as I came down Vail Pass and toward Copper Mountain.

In my album are these two photos. I'm not sure where they were taken, although I remember pulling over at one or two scenic overlook rest stops.

My best guess: the top is Dillon Reservoir. In the second photo, those two peaks look like Torreys Peak and Grays Peak.

Park in Fort Collins, CO


Fort Collins, Colorado

I visited a park in Fort Collins as I waited to meet my friend Holly.

Pretty autumn colors in the park and love that large group of ducks!

Holly Meet Holly, a student at Colorado State University who grew up in New Jersey like me. She, her sister Heather and I attended the same young adults group at a church in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. On that first night, I bought Holly dinner and then she introduced me to her friends, Billy and Doug (photos below), who were also students at CSU. These two men hosted me during my visit.

P.S. Holly, why did I ask you to sit on the counter of your kitchen? That's funny. :)

CSU Football Game On my first full day in Fort Collins, we attended a CSU football game. Colorado State defeated UTEP 47-9 and had improved their record to 7-0.
Doug, Steve and Billy Meet Doug and Bill. First of all, these two guys were so friendly and generous. I stayed with them for five nights, sleeping on their couch at their Fort Collins apartment, and we did many things together.

We had great talks about life and spirituality. Doug took me on a flight in his single-engine Cessna airplane, going round trip from Severance to Fort Collins. On one night, we watched Dead Poets Society with Holly's friends. I also attended their weekly small group that was part of their church. When Bill and Doug were busy with school, I wandered in Fort Collins, a lively college town at the base of the mountains. There was always something to do.

Regretfully, my film camera had difficulties and I lost a roll of film that included photos of Fort Collins and my flight with Doug. The only pictures I have are when ...

... On a Sunday afternoon, Billy suggested we go fly fishing on the Cache la Poudre River. An avid fly fisherman, Billy taught me how to fly fish! Adjacent is Doug, me and Bill.

Doug and Holly Doug and Holly on the river bank.

As Billy and I got in the river, I gave the camera to either Doug or Holly, and I told them to have at it with taking pictures.

Steve Garufi and Billy Waters Billy teaches me something about fly fishing as we stood by his light blue VW Beetle. I loved wearing that fishing hat! :)
Fly Fishing Cache la Poudre River Billy coaches me as I cast my line.
Billy Waters Fly Fishing Billy intently fly fishing.
Steve Garufi Fly Fishing I didn't catch anything -- nobody did -- but it was fun.
Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

Cache la Poudre River Colorado
Above: Nice photos of the Cache la Poudre River.

Over the years, I lost touch with Bill, Doug and Holly. The last I heard, Bill became a pastor of a church in Denver. Doug got a great job with the city of Greenwood Village. And although I don't know how Holly is doing, years later I briefly met a co-worker in Colorado Springs who said he was engaged to her. Wherever they are, I hope they are well. A huge smile comes upon me whenever I think of them. :)

As for me, I wrote in my journal that if I didn't go to graduate school in the South, I would likely move to the western USA. The Four Corners states -- New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado -- had won me over. I knew I would come back at some point.

Three years later, in October 1997, I moved across the country and ended up in Colorado Springs. As I write this in 2012, it has been an amazing 15 year run.

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