A Visit to Rocky Mountain National Park

My First Visit Since Moving To Northern Colorado
After living in southern Colorado for 18 years, I have become a resident of the north side of the state. I've only been here for two weeks! Today I paid a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park -- my first visit since the move. All I did was drive on Trail Ridge Road to the visitor center, but hey, it's a start. As you can see, I bought an annual pass. Expect many stunning mountain scenery photos this summer! :)

Rocky Mountain National Park Pass
I assure you I'll be photographing Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park regularly. Hopefully I won't encounter any bears though. :o)

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Colorado Scenery


June 16, 2016 - The mountain scenery abounds at Rocky Mountain National Park.
Horseshoe Park, CO

RMNP Overlook

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rainbow Curve Overlook

A few shots at the Rainbow Curve Overlook.

Marmot I spotted a marmot at another overlook on Trail Ridge Road. I think he was open to being fed, but when he realized I was merely attempting to photograph him and make a video, he ran away.
Elk in RMNP

Elk in RMNP

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

The elk herds are abundant in this mountain region -- perhaps even more than the herds in northern Chaffee County.

Don't be surprised to be behind a jam of cars as people slow or stop to photograph them. Adjacent are my two humble photos.

My all-time favorite image is this one in Buena Vista ...

Elk Herd

Longs Peak, Colorado Longs Peak, the 14er in this region.
Trail Ridge Road As you can see, there's still plenty of wonderful snow. Snow makes us Coloradans so happy! :)

Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road

Two shots of a mountain range in the distance.
Snow in RMNP Snow among the slopes at the visitor center.

Colorado Legs It was a relaxed day. I saw friends and a realtor in Estes Park. My bicycle was on my rack and I had expected to ride, but it was too cold and windy above timberline. I did sit with my legs outside my car window for a long time. :)
Steve A selfie with a mound of snow.
Lily Lake, CO Earlier in the day, I stopped by Lily Lake, which is a no-fee area inside Rocky Mountain National Park. A 0.9 mile trail loops around the lake.

Lily Lake

South on Highway 7 in Estes Park.
Not Too Shabby!
What I thought of RMNP. :)

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