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Riggs Hill In Grand Junction, Colorado

Open space with trails in the Redlands neighborhood ...
Riggs Hill is in the Redlands area of Grand Junction and its parking lot and trailhead is accessed from South Broadway. The hill is named after Elmer Riggs, who visited Grand Junction in 1900 and found a number of dinosaur fossils in the vicinity. Other dinosaur bones were also discovered at Dinosaur Hill in Fruita. As for the trail system, this is an easy hike and under one mile (one way) to the summit.
Riggs Hill, Colorado
The view of canyons in Colorado National Monument from the trail on Riggs Hill.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Riggs Hill Trailhead


November 17, 2012 - It was overcast during my Saturday morning hike. There is a notice area that does not have information as of now.
Riggs Hill, CO It's a short hike up the hill. Soon I was looking out at some of the neighborhoods of Grand Junction.
Riggs Hill, Colorado Colorado National Monument in the background.
Riggs Hill, CO This photo and the second one were taken on the top of the west point of Riggs Hill.

That's South Broadway running across the photo, and I'm pretty sure Gold Star Canyon is the opening on the far right.

Riggs Hill The northwesterly view.

On the summit, which is near the center of the hill, I zoomed-in on Mount Garfield. Pretty!
Riggs Hill I like showing my backside, as I did on the Coke Ovens Trail. :)

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At the trailhead.

On the ridge.

Nice views on the west end of Riggs Hill.

On the summit.

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