Remote Control Aircraft

Photos and a Video of My Friends' Remote Control Airplane Flying, Landing and Crashing

Remote control aircraft ... what a fun hobby!
July 11, 2012 - My friends Bobby and Dave enjoy flying remote control airplanes as a hobby, and this morning, I got to watch them in action. This was at the remote control airfield in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Remote Control Airfield In Buena Vista Colorado
Photo Above: Two brothers and their airplanes with beautiful mountains in the background.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

Remote Control Aircraft Bobby's Yellow Remote Control Aircraft

Mount Princeton in the background.

Runway On the runway.

Bobby had troubling getting it off the ground. Something was wrong.

His plane stood on its side, the wheels mangled, with hopes of soaring another day.

PT20 Remote Control Aircraft

PT-20 Remote Control Aircraft

PT-20 Remote Control Aircraft

Dave had more luck with his plane. Colored in purple and silver, it was larger than Bobby's, with a 53 inch wingspan.
Colorado Remote Control Airfield On the runway. I was warned that I shouldn't be anywhere in front of the aircraft ... but the angle was too good to pass up. :)
PT20 Aircraft Flying Up in the air!

Remote Control Flying Aircraft Colorado Great mountain scenery as the PT-20 flies.
Remote Control Aircraft Landing Returning for the landing.


Dave's 3+ minute flight of his PT-20. Well done!

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