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Redstone, Colorado

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Redstone, Colorado
On a July day in 2006, a friend from Kansas was visiting and we decided to take the scenic drive from Buena Vista, over Independence Pass, through Aspen and to Redstone. My friend adores this quaint town -- located south of Carbondale -- that's surrounded by red sandstone cliffs.

We made stops in Aspen, Carbondale and even Marble, but the highlight was our visit to Redstone.

Crystal River Near Redstone, Colorado The Crystal River flowing downstream from Redstone as it runs along State Highway 133.
Redstone Coke Ovens
Redstone Coke Ovens
Redstone Coke Ovens

Redstone Coke Ovens

At the main entrance to Redstone, you'll notice these very peculiar structures, known as the Redstone Coke Ovens.
Redstone Art Center
Redstone General Store
Redstone Museum
Redstone has a population of 92 people and the town consists largely of one cozy road with Victorian homes and quaint shops with a creek running through it. The Redstone Inn looked like a really nice and luxurious lodging option, but my photo of the grounds came out terribly because of the dreariness of the sky. However, I did get nice photos of:

TOP: The Redstone Art Center.
MIDDLE: The Redstone General Store.
BOTTOM: The Redstone Museum.

Redstone, Colorado Behind the Redstone Museum is a park where one can sit on the banks of the river.
Redstone, Colorado Redstone is definitely relaxed -- a peaceful town nestled in the mountains. You will definitely feel in the remote wilderness here, and yet Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Aspen are within an hour's drive.

Tip: Approximately two miles south of Redstone is Hays Creek Falls, a pretty waterfall.

Colorado Scenery From the main entrance to Redstone, this photo is facing south. According to my map, my educated guess is that's Chair Mountain, elevation 12,721 feet. Pretty! on Facebook

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