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Red Rock Canyon - Colorado Springs, CO

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon
The Red Rock Open Space is a park on the west side of Colorado Springs. The entrance is located south of the junction of U.S. Highway 24 and 34th Street. Its red rock formations are similar to Garden of the Gods to the north, and some have described it as "Garden of the Gods without the cars." This area is popular for mountain biking and hiking.

Adjacent are three photos of some of the red rocks.

Snowy Creek Bed In January 2008, Annika and I hiked the western side of the park (closest to the Crystal Hills homes in Manitou Springs), and walked on the snowy and icy creek bed inside Sand Canyon.
Annika Icy Creek This is not an official trail ... at all. We hiked the creek bed and things narrowed with tall orange rock walls.

Things got icy!

LEFT: Annika slowly and carefully walks up the iced creek.
RIGHT: I did a little dance with my feet and ankles on the ice. ;)

Red Rock Canyon Another picture of Annika with snowy red rocks.

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