Arkansas Razorbacks Football - 2010 Season

Two Second-Half Thunder & Lightning Delays; Hogs Beat Ole Miss 38-24 In Fayetteville - October 26, 2010

Razorbacks vs. Ole Miss - Go Get 'Em Hogs!
Arkansas Razorbacks Football Game
We had a great time at the football game and it was especially nice that Arkansas won. Arkansas hosted Ole Miss in Fayetteville. Arkansas broke out to a 21-0 lead in the first half and led 21-3 at halftime. In the second half, the Rebels came back and made things interesting, coming within a touchdown with the score at 24-17. Call me a pessimist, but it looked like Arkansas might blow another game like they did against Alabama and Auburn. They had been terrible in the fourth quarter up to this point.

Then Knile Davis, our sophmore running back, gave us some hope. He rushed for a monster 72-yard TD run. Ole Miss scored another TD, but Knile Davis came back with another touchdown, a 22-yard run to seal the victory at 38-24. The Razorbacks didn't dominate in the fourth quarter, but at least they avoided another fourth quarter collapse.

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Razorback Road

As we climbed the stairs in the stadium, we looked down on the "sea of red" walking on Razorback Road in Fayetteville. :)

Razorbacks Stadium

Razorbacks Stadium

I bought my tickets via StubHub. We sat in Section 502, and I guess you would call this the "nose bleed" section, for we sat on the highest row all the way at the top.

There was one advantage to sitting so far up: We had the back ledge to lean our back on. That is much more comfortable than sitting on the bleacher style benches with nothing to lean back against.

Three photos of the stadium and field.
Arkansas Razorbacks Football My photos when the Razorbacks were threatening to score near the goal line in the first quarter.
Razorbacks Fans Sometime in the third quarter, it began to lightly drizzle. It was at that point that practically everyone in sight pulled out their plastic covering. Some people called them ponchos. Whatever they were, they apparently helped make the rain bearable.

As for Charles and I, we didn't think of bringing one of these plastic rain jackets. It felt like when I was in the second grade all over again, when the teacher asked to pull out our homework and everyone brought theirs out ... except me. :o)

Arkansas Razorbacks Fans Within minutes, the announcer declared a delay because of the threat of thunder and lightning. All fans were to move undercover in the concourse area. It was then that it rained like crazy with thunder and lightning! Definitely watch the video below to see what it was like.

At this point, a number of spectactors decided to leave. After the second delay, even more fans left. Well, not too brag, but I drove 950 miles from Colorado to attend this game, and there was no way I would leave until it was entirely over!

Charles Smith When fans returned to their seats and play resumed, Charles had the wise idea of bringing napkins to wipe our metal seats.
Razorback Stadium After a second lightning and thunder delay, the game finally ended with the Razorbacks defeating Ole Miss 38-24. Notice the fireworks in front of the scoreboard. :)
Razorback Road Upon exiting the stadium, it rained hard once again. We parked at the McDonald's in Fayetteville, which wasn't a long walk before the game. However, with torrential rain coming down, we had no choice but to run. We felt like running backs as we jogged on Razorback Road with everyone else.

At one point, I shouted to Charles to stop and turn back. Ha ha! My photo doesn't show how hard the rain was coming down at this point.

Steve Garufi Back at the car, Charles photographed a shot of myself soaking wet. This cotton long-sleeve Razorbacks shirt is my favorite in my wardrobe. :)
Charles and I returned to our hotel room in Bentonville. After cleaning and drying ourselves up, I got this nice portrait of us through the mirror. We had a great time and the Hogs won! :)

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Razorback Hog Call

You gotta love those Hogs!
First Lightning & Thunder Delay

On the concourse under Section 501.

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