Mt. Princeton

Razorback Mountain - Hike In Buena Vista, CO

My Climb Of Razorback Mountain Near Buena Vista, CO and Nathrop, CO - May 27, 2011

Razorback Mountain

Today I reached the summit of an unnamed peak on the east side of the upper Arkansas River Valley, SE of Buena Vista and NE of Nathrop. Because I'm tired of hiking mountains that don't have names, I decided to name this one "Razorback Mountain." Like a Razorback's spine, the mountain was rocky and bumpy at the top, and since I'm an Arkansas Razorbacks fan, the name is a fit! :)

This was an enjoyable hike. Razorback Mountain does not have a trail, which made working my way to the top interesting and challenging. And although I generally like people, it was nice to not see another soul on my excursion.

Directions: Razorback Mountain is located directly south of Carnage Canyon. To the base parking lot of Carnage Canyon is simple: From Johnson Village, I traveled south on Chaffee County Road 301, then turned left at the gate. There are two gates that I had to open and close to allow my car in. I do recommend the National Geographic topographic map titled "Buena Vista and Collegiate Peaks" for anyone who explores this area.

Adjacent Photo: Razorback Mountain sits prominently right of center. Photo taken on the shoulder of U.S. Highway 285, near the turnoff for Chaffee County Road 320.

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Razorback Mountain - Elevation 8,601 Feet
Razorback Mountain
A view of Razorback Mountain from the dirt road between the two gates.
Colorado Scenery
Facing south on Chaffee County Road 301, Razorback Mountain is left of center with Sugarloaf Mountain on the right.
Nathrop, Colorado
Near the center of Nathrop, Razorback Mountain (left) and Sugarloaf Mountain (right).

Mt. Princeton

Hike Photos

My hike began with a beautiful shot of Mt. Princeton across the valley. I was standing in front of the second gate for this one.

Carnage Canyon, CO I hiked for a few tenths of a mile into Carnage Canyon, then turned right (south) up the hill.

Upward I went in rocky forest. There is no trail.
Razorback Mountain I passed a false summit, then reached this rocky point near the summit.

The summit is on the left with the double trees. In between us was that tall boulder with steep ups and downs. I did my best to go around it.

Rock Lots of steep rock faces near the summit. I learned rock scrambling on the east and southeast side of the summit was the best way to the top.
Almost there.
Razorback Mountain

Razorback Mountain (Elevation 8,601 Feet)

At the summit. Razorback Mountain is a beautiful place to take in the grand mountain views of Chaffee County! :)

Razorback Mountain
Mountain Views

Facing north, in the foreground are the two nearby boulder overlooks. Midland Hill, the Buffalo Peaks and Unnamed Point 9,124' are a few peaks beyond.

Triad Ridge, CO

Bald Mountain, CO

FIRST: Facing northeast, Triad Ridge is the highest peak on the right.

SECOND: Bald Mountain to the east.

Sugarloaf Mountain, CO Plenty of mountains to take in to the south.

The snow covered peaks way out are the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. In the foreground, from left to right, are Yankees Mountain, Ruby Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Nathrop, Colorado A clearer shot that includes the village of Nathrop, Colorado.
Colorado Rocky Mountains

Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton

Colorado Rocky Mountains

I saved the best for last. The views to the west ...

FIRST: Facing southwest, Mt. Ouray and Chipita Peak (left) and Mt. Antero (right).

SECOND: The stunning view of Mt. Antero (left) and Mt. Princeton (right).

THIRD: The view to the northwest with the towns of Johnson Village and Buena Vista in the valley.

Johnson Village, CO A zoom-in of Johnson Village and Buena Vista. On the summit, I sent a picture message to a friend and texted, "I see your house!" :) on Facebook

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