Goat Hill (elevation 7,634 feet) - Raton, New Mexico

A Fun Thing To Do in Raton, New Mexico
Goat Hill is far from stunning compared to larger peaks in northern New Mexico, but it is a pretty place that overlooks Raton, New Mexico. Hike up the road for a hearty workout. Or drive up in any vehicle. Either way, this is a "must do" if you're spending any time in the county seat of Colfax County.

Directions: From N. 2nd Street, turn west on Moulton Avenue and follow it to its end. Then turn left and work your way to the top of Goat Hill.

Raton, New Mexico
Goat Hill, with its famed "Raton" sign, is a visible landmark throughout town.

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Goat Hill in Raton
The backside of the Raton sign. Coming up here will be similar to the overlook in Trinidad.

Raton, New Mexico
Facing east. Sugarite Canyon and Capulin Volcano National Monument are other places to visit in this region.

Goat Hill in Raton, NM
Facing south.


My humble video showing the scenery. :)
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