Pusch Peak (Elevation 5,361 Feet) - Tucson / Oro Valley, Arizona

A Hidden Gem In The Catalina Mountains
Pusch Peak is the westernmost peak in the Catalina Mountains and beckons the brave to climb it. The peak, comprising of what many refer to as "Pusch Ridge," is close to the bustling suburbs north of Tucson. The standard route begins at the Linda Vista Trailhead (off Linda Vista Road, just east of Oracle Road), and is 3.9 miles round trip with a whopping 2,676 foot elevation gain. Except for a relative flat section at the start, most of the ascent is steep and an ass kicker!

Trail Directions: At the trailhead, take the trail that goes left. After ~0.2 miles, the trail forks: choose right. Go another few tenths of a mile, where the trail splits with a sharp switchback going right - go left instead. Soon you'll see this sign (as of Jan. 2015), where you'll continue toward the canyon's opening. This is where the steepness begins in earnest. Get ready. :) From here on out, the route is a "social trail" that's well-marked. There are only two spots where the route was a bit confusing for me, but all in all, you're working up the canyon side. See the map below.

Pusch Peak, Arizona
Facing Pusch Peak from Oracle Road in Oro Valley.
I found this map helpful. This is my iPhone image of the map on HikeArizona.com.

Photos, videos and write-up by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Linda Vista Trail


January 15, 2015 - My start at the Linda Vista Trailhead.
Pusch Peak Trail

Saguaro Cactus

Hiking among massive saguaros and all the wonderful cacti that comprise of the Sonoran Desert.
Pusch Peak Trail The social trail to Pusch Peak begins. Here's where the challenging climb begins.
Pusch Peak, AZ Getting up there.
Wasson Peak, AZ I got high enough to have this nice view of Wasson Peak across the valley.
Pusch Peak in Tucson Looking back at the trailhead. You get waaaaay up! :)
Trail More climbing. Ugh!
Pusch Peak, Arizona One more view as I got close to the summit.
Hikers Log

Summit of Pusch Peak 5361'

Arrival at the summit. I got there at 1:30 p.m. and was the first person for the day. :)
Pusch Peak, AZ

Pusch Peak, Arizona

Pusch Peak, Arizona

Pusch Peak, AZ

Pusch Peak in Tucson

So many views from Pusch Peak.

TOP: Facing west toward the Catalina Mountain Range.

SECOND: Facing north. I believe the town of Catalina, AZ is in the distance.

THIRD: Facing northwest toward Oro Valley with Wasson Peak on the left.

FOURTH: Facing southwest with much of that being Tucson.

FIFTH: Facing south, you can see so much of Tucson. Ahhh!

Steve Garufi Me happily on the summit. Pusch Peak has my respect.


Hiking up the canyon.

Higher up.

On the summit.

Large saguaros as I came down.

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