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Pulpit Rock - Colorado Springs, Colorado

My Hike at Pulpit Rock Park in Colorado Springs; Photos, Directions And Summit Video

Pulpit Rock In Colorado Springs, CO
Pulpit Rock In Colorado Springs

Secured as permanent open space by the city of Colorado Springs, Pulpit Rock Park is something residents and visitors ought to take advantage of. For the most part, the hike to the top of Pulpit Rock is relatively easy. A well-marked trail ascends its north side, but there are other ways up for the more adventurous. Near the top, there is some rock scrambling to reach the very top, and there are significant vertical drops. Be careful. With those warnings out there, I must say this is an excellent casual hike that offer beautiful views of Colorado Springs and the mountains to the west. The elevation gain is only 300 feet. You start at about 6,250 feet; at the top, you'll be at ~6,550 feet.

Directions: From Austin Bluffs and North Nevada in Colorado Springs, travel north of N. Nevada. Pass the Harley Davison motorcycle dealership and a few other retail businesses. The Pulpit Rock Open Space parking lot is beyond the last store and beside a large electrial operation. If you reach Woodmen Road, you've gone too far.

Hike and Report by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Pulpit Rock Park Photos

March 2012 - The view of Pulpit Rock from the trailhead sign.

Pulpit Rock Colorado Springs Approaching the rock.
Pulpit Rock Colorado Springs A swift and steep climb to the base of those vertical rocks.
Pulpit Rock In Colorado Springs, CO Two people sit at the very top.

Phil Ladden

The Summit

Special thanks to the two friendly UCCS students, one of whom took this picture of me at the summit. (I forgot my tripod in my car.) It turned out one of the students grew up in Salida; living in Buena Vista, we had a nice connection. :)

After the hike was over, I texted the one and only Phil Ladden about Pulpit Rock. Immediately he sent me a picture message of himself on the summit from September 2011. That pose is Phil's latest thing to do on mountain summit photos, and I need to adopt something with similar flair!

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    Colorado Springs Pulpit Rock

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Colorado Springs Scenery

    Pulpit Rock Colorado Springs

    Summit Views

    FIRST: Toward the southeast. Some of the buildings of UCCS can be seen in the top right.

    SECOND: N. Nevada runs across with a slew of mountains in the background. Cheyenne Mountain, Mt. Rosa, Almagre Mountain and Cameron Cone are all in view.

    THIRD: Pikes Peak, stands over the city of Colorado Springs with love. :)

    FOURTH: A closer view of toward the west with Interstate 25 and N. Nevada.

    FIFTH: The view of much of the trail to come up here. If you know where to look, you can see the dirt parking lot just left of the electrical stuff.

    For years I have driven by Pulpit Rock and have gazed and wondered about this place. Don't be a procrastinator like I am. Go out, hike in this park and enjoy the special views of Colorado Springs and the mountains at the top!

    Pikes Peak Colorado A final closer-up shot of Pikes Peak. on Facebook

    Video On The Summit Of Pulpit Rock

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