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The Potholes of the Little Dolores River

A Popular Swimming Hole Near Miracle Rock in Glade Park - Mesa County, Colorado

The Potholes of the Little Dolores River are in a rock crevace in Glade Park near Miracle Rock. It serves as a popular swimming hole, and while you won't see me doing it, some dive into the pools from the tall cliffs. Obviously be careful, as it is extremely dangerous and there has been news of a fatalities now and then. Having said that, this is a pretty spot if you love the sound of running water and waterfalls.

Directions: From Glade Park, Colorado -- that's west of Colorado National Monument and Grand Junction -- travel west on DS Road. Then make a left (south) on 9 8/10 Road. Past the Miracle Rock Trailhead, continue for about a mile and make a right at the dirt road entrance. Then proceed to the creek. You can also search for "Miracle Rock Colorado" on Google maps and then proceed farther south.

Potholes Little Dolores River
April 7, 2013 - Being such an arid region, the best chance for plenty of flowing water would be in the spring.

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

A much better photo ...

Photo by professional photographer Dann Cianca in Grand Junction, Colorado.


A child jumps into a pool of water.

It's quite a jump from the top!

My video on the edge of the upper section of the potholes.

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