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Potash Road In Moab, Utah

The Scenic Drive on Potash Road (Utah State Highway 279) From Moab To Jug Handle Arch

Moab, Utah. What a special place.
Utah State Highway 279, known as Potash Road, was voted one of the most scenic drives in America. On my recent visit to Moab, Utah, I drove on Potash Road (pronounced POT-ash), and below are my photos.

Potash Road Utah
This section is popular for climbing and is known as "Wall Street."

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Potash Road, Utah


Potash Road is a few miles south of Moab and toward the Arches National Park entrance.

Adjacent is a photo at the beginning. It dead-ends 16 miles in Potash, Utah, the site of a mine.

Potash Road Utah The Colorado River runs beside Potash Road. This is outside the canyon area, but we're headed for the break in cliffs left of center.
Potash Road Utah

Wall Street Climbing Area - Potash Road

You'll pass steep orange vertical cliffs.

This is a very popular for climbers to test their skills ...

Potash Road, Utah Potash Road Utah ... and here are two climbers doing their thing.

As always, you can click the thumbnail images to view that at a larger size.

Indian Writing

Indian Petroglyphs

Past the climbing area is a pullout section with Indian writings (i.e. Indian petroglpyhs).
Moab Orange Rock Heading upward in the canyon, the Colorado River flows through with red rock scenery on each side.
Corona Arch Trailhead Approaching the trailhead to Corona Arch and Bow Tie Arch.

This is a moderate hike that I recommend.

Potash Road Utah I'm not sure if that towering rock has a name, but I think it should.

Jug Handle Arch
The goal of this drive was to see Jug Handle Arch, an arch outside the national parks. I had already visited Wilson Arch and Looking Glass Rock, and while Jug Handle Arch wasn't as spectacular, it was worth visiting. From here, I was only three miles from Potash, but I decided to turn back to Moab.

Jug Handle Arch, Utah
You can see my photos and video of this arch here:

Potash Road Utah

On The Way Back

This time, the grand wall was on my left.

Potash Road Wall Street It reminds me of the scenery in the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons. :)

Climber In Moab Utah Another climber way up there!

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