Point 12812' - Independence Pass, Colorado

A High Elevation Hike at Independence Pass
Point 12812' is an ordinary ridge for Colorado mountain standards, but it's proximity to well-visited Independence Pass gives it some notoriety. In the warmer months, when much snow remains on the mountain's southeast slope, skiers ascend the peak by foot and then ski into Mountain Boy Gulch. When the snow is plentiful, skiers will go all the way down to the Highway 82 switchback, where they'll hitch rides back to pass. On this day, I merely hiked to the top of Point 12812'. It's roughly one mile in distance (one way) with an 800 foot elevation gain. The route is straightforward, but the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #172 for Aspen/Independence Pass can be helpful too.

Point 12812' Independence Pass
The view of Point 12812' as the righthand peak from Independence Pass.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Colorado/New Mexico. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Point 12812


July 4, 2015 - My hike began at Independence Pass. I went a short distance on the pedestrian trail for tourists, then aimed to the right. Point 12812' and the two peaks to the left were usually in view.
Point 12812 Lots of wonderful snow remains.

Be careful -- do NOT stand on those snowdrifts.


Like I said, this is a popular place for late spring and summer skiers.

In the top image, I put an arrow showing two people on skis.

Also included are four friendly guys with skis. I had a good talk with them and told them how amazing their skiing dedication was.

Skiing on July 4th is not too shabby! :)

Independence Pass Hike For the most part, this is an easy hike. Of course, you need to be in shape and have some clue about what you're doing in mountains like this.
Snow in July

Summit of Point 12812'

Me playing with snow on July 4. :)
Independence Pass, CO A great view of Point 13500' (far left), Independence Pass, the Mountain Boy Gulch switchback and so many mountains afar.
Peak 12812

Point 12812

Nice mountain scenery in many directions. Ahhhh!

13ers Twining Peak and Geissler Mountain can be seen in the second image.

Grizzly Peak, CO Grizzly Peak (13988 feet) looks so majestic.
Colorado Rocky Mountains Facing west, one can see the Independence Ghost Town way down there with Highway 82 running through. That roads heads to Aspen.
A zoom-in shot of the Maroon Bells (left) and Snowmass Mountain (right).
Snowfield in Colorado There were many patches of snow on my way down. Here's a guy who threw himself face down into the white fluffy stuff! :)


The scenery from the summit.

It was not too shabby as always. :)

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