Pinnacle Mountain - Little Rock, Arkansas

Scenic Hike On The West Summit Trail In Pinnacle Mountain State Park - October 26, 2010

Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Pinnacle, Arkansas
Do you enjoy hiking in the mountains of Arkansas? Then Pinnacle Mountain (elevation 1,011 feet) surely needs to be on your list! Pinnacle Mountain State Park, located northwest of Little Rock, is considered the easternmost mountain in the Ouachita Mountains. Today I hiked on the well-marked and maintained West Summit Trail.

Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas
A photo of Pinnacle Mountain while pulled over on Pinnacle Valley Road (Highway 300) south of the main entrance.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, AR
Pinnacle Mountain State Park comprises of 2,000 acres with a variety of trails, including the West Summit Trail and more steeper East Summit Trail. The park also serves as the eastern terminus of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail that spans 225 miles into eastern Oklahoma. (So many trails, so little time!)

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West Summit Trail
Pinnacle Mountain Hike

The fall colors have been below par in Arkansas this year, due in part because of lack of rain. At least this picture showed some yellow and orange foliage beyond the trail.

West Summit Trail

West Summit Trail

I love the boulder fields!

Pinnacle Mountain Arkansas
The Summit of Pinnacle Mountain

Is this a difficult climb? It depends. The hike is 1.5 miles round trip. If you are experienced in mountain climbing in a place like Colorado, then you might find this hike relatively easy. However, there are many steep sections of trail, as the ascent is approximately 300 feet from the trailhead parking lot to the summit. The consensus among the Little Rock articles I've read is this hike is rated as "strenuous" - a short and steep climb that will give you a physical workout.

Pinnacle Mountain, AR Scenery at the summit.
Pinnacle Mountain State Park I was facing the sun, but I think I could faintly see some of the tallest buildings in downtown Little Rock.
Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas The Arkansas River.

The river flows large and wide in central Arkansas, but watch my video of the Arkansas River north of Buena Vista where it's narrow, youthful and energetic. :)

Maumelle Pinnacles To the west are two distinct peaks known as the Maumelle Pinnacles. Ahhhh, that might be my next climb! :)
Lake Maumelle

To the north is a rocky ridge that offers more central Arkansas scenery.

TOP: The grand view of Lake Maumelle.
SECOND: A closer shot of the Arkansas River.

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