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Phantom Canyon Road - Florence, CO to Victor, CO

A Scenic Colorado Drive With Fall Foliage

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2007 Honda Civic Coupe

Phantom Canyon Road

October 3, 2007 - My friend Lisa took me for a drive up Phantom Canyon for the first time yesterday. From the bottom of the canyon, the turnoff is located on U.S. Highway 50 near Florence and heads up all the way to Victor in Teller County.

Above is one token shot of me beside a Honda Civic. Earlier, we were in Colorado Springs to look at new cars.

Kiss a Cactus Early on, I spotted some beautiful "walking stick cacti" and couldn't resist the urge to kiss one! :p)

You can read about my cactus kissing adventures here: Kiss A Cactus!

Phantom Canyon Road
Phantom Canyon Road
The road formerly served as a railroad grade as a mode of transportation for all the mining activity happening in Cripple Creek and Victor.

Adjacent is two photos of the lower tunnel.

Phantom Canyon Road Approaching the higher tunnel.

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  • Phantom Canyon Road The lower part of the canyon has rocky features, similar to Williams Canyon in Manitou Springs.
    Phantom Canyon Road We still had much distance to drive when the autumn foliage in the upper portion of the canyon began to show ...
    Phantom Canyon Road One bright yellow cottonwood or willow?.
    Phantom Canyon Road
    Colorado Fall Foliage
    Ahhhhhhhh! Then the fall color show began in earnest!

    The top photo is was taken by Lisa, and she captured me photographing the view in the bottom photo. ;)

    Yellow Aspen A colorful aspen.
    Steer Roadside livestock were plentiful upon one short stretch of road.
    Phantom Canyon Road We then reached a section that was teeming with bright autumn colors. It was amazing!
    Fall Foliage
    Phantom Canyon Road
    Phantom Canyon Road
    Three different photos of the same bend in the road.

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  • Colorado Fall Foliage Colorado Fall Foliage
    Morgan Luver
    Special thanks to Lisa for taking me on this scenic drive. What a friend!
    Phantom Canyon Road Phantom Canyon Road can definitely be driven in an ordinary passenger vehicle, but be careful when there is snow out there. There are some drop-offs from the road, but nothing as scary as Shelf Road.
    An old structure as we approached Victor.
    Phantom Canyon Road Folks, this is definitely a place to explore if you're a lover of fall foliage!
    Victor, Colorado

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    Approaching the town of Victor.

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