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Cedar Falls - Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

A Spectacular Arkansas Waterfall
Cedar Falls is probably the main attraction of Petit Jean State Park in central Arkansas (pronounced "Petty Jean"). If you're in Arkansas and love waterfalls, I recommend the one mile hike (each way) on the Cedar Falls Trail to Cedar Falls.

NOTE: Do not confuse the Cedar Falls Trail with the Cedar Creek Trail or the Cedar Falls Overlook. I didn't visit either of those places, but I'd have to think that the Cedar Falls Trail, which leads to the waterfall's base, must be the best way to enjoy this natural treasure. The trailhead begins behind the Mather Lodge inside the park.

Cedar Falls, Arkansas
Me, soaking wet, standing under Cedar Falls. :)

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Waterfall Petit Jean State Park
I did my best to show what Cedar Falls looks like in photos, but as usual, you must see this in person. Go! :)

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Petit Jean State Park

Arkansas Scenery

Cedar Falls Trail, AR


May 14, 2013 - The hike itself on the Cedar Falls Trail isn't too exciting, but I did take three photos.

TOP: I love how the Arkansas State Parks system makes such artful signs. Kudos to them!

SECOND: Behind the Mather Lodge, this is the pretty view at the overlook. I don't know many details, but there are campgrounds throughout the park and lodging options at Mather Lodge.

You can't see it, but the waterfall is down in the valley to the right.

THIRD: Greenery on the trail.

Petit Jean State Park Waterfall The waterfall comes into sight.
Petit Jean State Park, AR

Petit Jean State Park, AR

Cedar Falls

I snapped so many photos of the Cedar Falls. Ahhhh!

These three shots were taken from the main viewpoint, where hikers commonly gaze at the waterfall.

This view sure is pretty, but I encourage you to walk around on the left and reach the base.

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  • Petit Jean State Park Cedar Falls Cedar Falls, AR

    Cedar Falls Arkansas

    More photos as I came around on the left.

    I don't know many geological terms, but the tall circular rock walls make this valley special. It's like you're in an ampitheater of sorts. So pretty!

    In the top right photo, notice the young man who stood directly under the waterfall. That's brave! :)

    Steve Garufi Cedar Falls, Arkansas I got under the waterfall three times. Don't believe me? Watch Video #4 below. :)

    Getting drenched by Cedar Falls was so joyful and freeing. When I look back on the Year 2013, standing under that waterfall will be one of the top highlights.

    Now, I am "Colorado Guy" and I've done a lot of touring of Colorado waterfalls, but this Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park was probably my all-time best waterfall experience in my life.

    The hike was long enough, but not too long. The viewing spots of the waterfall were plentiful and excellent for photography. You can stand under the waterfall if you're bold enough, and the pool of water is good for swimming. Lastly, the water seems to run hard enough that it's worth a visit any time of the year. Definitely go!

    One more image of this glorious place.

    My Videos

    The most common viewing spot.

    A different perspective from the left.

    Approaching the base.

    Me getting drenched. :)

    Another video at the base.

    Not my video. A great one when the water was running harder.

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