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Pennsylvania High Point - Mount Davis (Elevation 3,123 Feet)

Our Visit Mt. Davis In Southwest Pennsylvania, The Keystone State's High Point - August 22, 2008

Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania Another state high point is in the bag! Bernie and I drove across Pennsylvania (from New Jersey) to stand on the Pennsylvania High Point.

Mount Davis is located in Somerset County in southwest Pennsylvania. I can give solid directions from the north: From Somerset, PA, travel south on State Road 219 to Meyersdale. In Meyersdale, turn right on SR 2004 (Broadway - there is a large sign for Mt. Davis at this spot). This is Mt. Davis Road. Take that road all the way to the park that includes the mountain. Keep in mind there are a few twists, turns and forks in the road. Simply stay on the main road and there are signs directing motorists toward Mount Davis.

This high point page is part one of four parts. After visiting Mt. Davis, Bernie and I visited two more state high points later in the afternoon followed by a fourth the next day. We stood on four state high points - a grand slam - in 25 hours! Along with Pennsylvania, we made it to the high points of Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware.

The adjacent photo of Bernie taking in the scenery in at the observation tower on Mt. Davis. It was a pretty day in the Alleghany Mountains of Pennsylvania!


Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel
Along The Way To Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania

Oh the excitement! Photos from our drive.

We drove far into southwestern Pennsylvania on Interstate 76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Four tunnels go through north-south ranges that are part of the Appalachian Mountains. I snapped this photo as we drove on the highway approaching the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel near Willow Hill.

Pennsylvania Scenery
Pennsylvania Scenery
We were close to Mt. Davis when we spotted a pretty area of the country near Summit Mills.

Bernie, a professional photographer, went out to capture some of the scenery. I merely sat in the passenger seat and photographed the road and Bernie respectively.

Amish Horse & Buggy We saw Amish locals riding horses on the roads. Very cool!
Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania The large sign on Mt. Davis Road.

We turned left (south) on the main dirt road and parked in the main parking lot. It is a short walk to the Pennsylvania high point from there ...

At The Highest Point in Pennsylvania (Mt. Davis - Altitude 3,123 Feet)

... And there we were!

Pennsylvania High Point Mount Davis Pennsylvania
A tall observation tower that provides views above the trees. Mt. Davis Tower
I would think this spot would be beautiful during the autumn season!. Mt. Davis, PA Mount Davis, PA
Bernie was the big attention getter on the tower. We spoke with this friendly Pennsylvania couple who were traveling and visited because the notoriety of the high point was near their route.

BOTTOM LEFT: Bernie holds out his arms to "take in" the grandness of this beautiful high point.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Bernie looked way down at the bottom. He asked me to photograph his hand held and the shadow way below. Neat shot!

Mt. Davis Pennsylvania Tower
Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania Mt. Davis, PA
An interesting sign about how one's eyes tend to interpret overlooks and nearby mountains. Mt. Davis, PA
Below the tower was the official marker.

Pennsylvania Highest Point

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