Peak 13500' at Independence Pass, Colorado

An Easy 13er at Independence Pass
Peak 13500' doesn't have a name, but it's a good choice for those wanting to avoid 4WD issues as the hike begins at Independence Pass. Navigating up the mountain is easy: Hike north. Work your way up the hill. Hit the ridge and continue climbing to the summit. If you're ambitious, continue to Twining Peak (13711 ft). You can see everything on the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #127 (Aspen/Independence Pass).

Peak 13500' Independence Pass
The southern slope of Peak 13500' behind the Independence Pass sign.

Photos and write-up by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Independence Pass, Colorado


August 14, 2014 - There was intermittent drizzling rain when I arrived at Independence Pass. Peak 13500' is the mountain in the background.
Independence Pass, CO

Independence Pass, Colorado

It was a rigorous hike. Many times I stopped to enjoy the view of Independence Pass.

Twining Peak, CO

Dark Clouds

TOP: Twining Peak on the right. Note that if you're hiking to the Twining Peak summit, you don't need to reach the top of Peak 13500'. Just aim for the saddle between Twining Peak and Peak 13500'.

SECOND: Dark clouds were moving in. There was no thunder and lightning, and so I kept going.

Boulder Field

Rocks near the top.

Regarding the tall rock in the second photo, you can faintly see it at Independence Pass. From below it looks like a cairn, but it's just a large vertical rock.

Snow Snow in August. Glorious!

Peak 13500' Independence Pass One last look at Independence Pass before I continued up the ridge.
Steve Garufi Legs

Peak 13500 Ft

Near the summit, thick massive clouds rolled in. Visibility was so so. I rested on a false summit about 0.4 miles from the actual summit, waiting and hoping that the clouds would dissipate. I sat there for about 45 minutes, but to no avail. It got colder and began to rain. I could see the summit through the fog, but I didn't risk it. Anyway, I think I reached the summit when I hiked Twining Peak four years ago.

The second photo shows the summit of Peak 13050'. Mark my words: I will be back and I'll update this page with a real summit photo. :)

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