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Partition Arch - Arches National Park, Utah

Everything that's great about Arches National Park ... in one spot.
Partition Arch has to be the best kept secret in Arches National Park. The beautiful rock opening, the stunning views afar and the many spots to sit and enjoy make this a sure winner. If you are hiking in the Devils Garden section, visit this arch. You won't be disappointed.

Partition Arch, Utah
Oh yes, this is a special one. Look at that view!

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Landscape Arch Trail


September 13, 2013 - My first photo was taken as I hiked toward Landscape Arch.

Now, Landscape Arch is the most-visited arch in this section, but most people don't notice that Partition Arch can be seen on the right.

Devils Garden Hiking The trails are well-marked on your map, but to get to Partition Arch, you must continue past Landscape Arch. At this fin, many casual hikers turn back because there is some semi-intense climbing with twists and turns.

As a side note, the site of Wall Arch which collapsed in 2008, is on the left at the opening in the rock.

Partition Arch, Utah Eventually I took the trail spur to Partition Arch.
Partition Arch, Utah Go. The photos speak for themselves.
Partition Arch

Partition Arch, Utah

Yours truly under the arch.

Partition Arch, Utah Here's another view of Partition Arch. It was around 1 p.m. during my visit, and the other side of the arch was in the shade.

At this point, I had already visited Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch and Navajo Arch, but seeing this one was the highlight.

Partition Arch, UT From the shady side of the arch.
Devils Garden Trail While up there, we could see the hikers on the Devils Garden Trail.
Stunning views. Does anything beat Utah scenery? Maybe Colorado scenery does, but that's about it.


I did my best to show you everything.

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