My Hike Of "Two Points" - Park County, Colorado

Photos Of Two Hilly Points In Ranch Of The Rockies Along Highway 24 Near Hartsel, CO - November 29, 2009

Today was one of those sunny Colorado days when I knew I could not possibly sit on the couch all day. I desired to stand on a mountain's summit, however small, and I opted for a scenic spot along Highway 24 in Park County.

After doing research, these points appear to be unnamed, and so I've called them "Two Points" for now. Two Points is located on the south side of U.S. Highway 24 near the entrance to Ranch of the Rockies, an expanisve residential area in the mountains, hills and forests of western Park County. This is a very affordable area that retirees and working families have tended to buy up, and I have many friends who live in Ranch of the Rockies full-time.

Now to be honest, this wasn't a hike in a traditional sense. There was no trail. And I'm not even sure if this was private property, although no signage existed stating "no trespassing" nor was there a customary barbed-wire fence implying this was ranchland in use. Definitely my hike below is merely for enjoyment purposes, as it is for all of my adventures.

Oh and lastly, please think of me the next time you pass Two Points between Colorado Springs and Buena Vista. It's a pretty spot all right! :)

All the best,

"Two Points" In Park County, Colorado Park County, CO
The view of Two Points from the westbound lane of Highway 24 between Trout Creek Pass and Hartsel.

The view of Two Points from the eastbound lane of Highway 24.

Ranch of the Rockies

Two more views of Two Points as I approached them from the west.

TOP: Taken while pulled over on the shoulder on Highway 24.

SECOND: Taken on the entrance road (Ranch Road) to the Ranch of the Rockies.

I parked at the pavillion (on the south side of Two Points) and walked toward them. No barbed-wire fence existed to imply this was private property or that it might be ranchland in current use. The only sign I did notice was a "no tresspassing" sign in the direction of a nearby trailer park area. I stayed away from there and simply walked toward the "saddle" of the two points as seen in the adjacent photo.
Park County, CO The view toward the east at the saddle. See Mt. Princeton (left), Mt. Yale (center) and Mt. Columbia (right) way out there? Trout Creek Pass can also be spotted - it is the low point among the dark green forested hills on the left.

North Point

This was a short hike, but I must tell you, it is always gratifying to stand on a summit. It's the Coloradan in me! :)

According to my measurements, this north point (closer to the highway) is the highest point among the two with an altitude near 9,155 feet.

The view of the south point.
Park County, Colorado Not a shabby view of the Buffalo Peaks way out there.

Also ... see the white line along the highway? That is snow. Snow fences exist throughout many parts of this vast high elevation region to keep blowing snow from making a mess along highways.

A closer view of the Buffalo Peaks with an intriguing small mountain in the foreground. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I will climb that next!
Steve Garufi A token photo of myself. It was so nice to be up there! :)
Park County, CO

Two shots of U.S. Highway 24.

TOP PHOTO: Antero Reservoir is the body of water in the background.

SECOND PHOTO: It looks like it could be Kansas, couldn't it? Well except for the mountains and hills in the background, not to mention the altitude is 8,500-9,000 feet out here. ;)

South Point

I then walked from the north point to the south point. Near the top, I turned back to capture the view of north point.

Three views at the top of south point. The altitude, as I could measure it, came out to 9,121 feet.

Here are my other photos from this Park County region:

  • Eleven Mile Reservoir
  • Alma
  • Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln & Mt. Bross
  • Fall Colors at Wilkerson Pass
  • Hartsel
  • Local Buffalo Ranch
  • South Park & Tarryall
  • Hoosier Pass
  • The view to the east ... looks quite desolate! If it was clearer, I think one should have seen Pikes Peak from this spot, but grayish clouds appeared as though they were hovering over the Pikes Peak Region.
    Ranch of the Rockies Looking toward some of the homes in Ranch of the Rockies.

    Two Points, CO

    The Extra Thumb

    Now if you look closely at the south point, you might notice an extra "thumb" of sorts to its south. The top photo is the view of the thumb from south point. And in that second photo, I captured both south point (left) and north point (right) in the same photo. :) on Facebook

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